The ABCs of travelling with children

Part 5: The features of a successful holiday

How do you know if the holiday has been a success?

The holiday trip often ends faster than you had hoped

Leaving for home might feel a bit sad for the small, and even larger, travelers: you have to leave behind the now-familiar hotel room, and there are no mounds of pancakes and other delicacies prepared at breakfast any longer. The days will soon be no longer filled with exploring the city, amusement park adventures, and eating well.

A successful holiday can be identified by the combination of wanting to continue the trip and the joy of returning home. It would be great to stay just one more night, but it's also nice to go back home. While unpacking the suitcases, a new trip looms in the minds of many — just not quite yet. First, we will enjoy the children sleeping in their own rooms and there being more legitmate reasons for limiting ice cream during the usual week.

Part of the fun and relaxation from being on holiday should also be moved into everyday life. Maybe you can, sometimes, eat as many pancakes for breakfast as you want, or lay in bed all together watching movies , or give in to just having a totally great time.

How does the holiday look through the eyes of a child? Watch the video series!