To think about when preparing the restaurant

When you are working in a restaurant, there are some things you can give extra attention to when making preparations for guests with disabilities.

Placement of coffee cups and glasses

At Scandic, we think about the little things that are more important than you might think, such as having the coffee cups and glasses at a height where everyone can reach them. They should be placed on two levels, low and high. 

Observe how the coffee cups and glasses are placed at your hotel. Is it something you need to change or replace?

Serving breakfast or lunch buffet

If a buffet is served, change how the buffet is laid out. Is everything easily accessible to our guests who use a wheelchair?

If you have a guest that uses a wheelchair, you can offer extra help in getting other guests attention and help in creating the extra space needed. Offer a tray that makes it easier for the guest to collect and carry the food.

Food for all

At Scandic, we serve buffets to suit everyone, from people with different types of food allergies or gluten and lactose intolerance to vegans and vegetarians. To ensure that a guest with allergies is looked after, it’s very important to inform your colleagues and the kitchen about the allergies.

When serving a guest with an allergy, always confirm that their allergy has been taken into account. I.e. “This is your fish with a lactose-free sauce”

When serving our guests

Just like any other guest, a person with a disability needs a hotel where they feel welcomed, comfortable and can stay without any problems. Our team members in the restaurant are an important part in contributing to creating that great guest experience throughout their stay.


How do you best serve a guest that is blind? And how do you prepare and welcome a guest in a wheelchair in a restaurant? See the filmed instructions below.

Serving a guest that is blind

Serving a guest in a wheelchair