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New concept for more effective meetings

Before launching a new meetings concept during 2017, Scandic invited their customers to be part of the decision making. The new concept is a considerable investment where 500 meeting advisors will get the required training to make the customers’ conferences more effective and profitable.

guidance in planning, execution and evaluation

Scandic is already the biggest hotel chain in Scandinavia, but an additional objective is to become the leading company when it comes to meetings. In order to reach this goal, Scandic invited more than 2 000 event participants and administrators.

Surveys showed that the customers demanded tailored solutions and personal treatment – as well as guidance in planning, execution and evaluation.

To achieve this, Scandic will educate 500 meeting advisors over the next year. These consultants will customize effective meeting programs for their customers.

- It’s not about telling our customers how to do it, but rather listening to what they want to achieve. We will dig deep into their meeting purposes and goals, and then point out carefully prepared alternatives, says Robert Wilhelmsson, Head of concept and product at Scandic.

Studies show that employees spend up to 30 percent of their working time in meetings. A number that is easily doubled when it comes to bosses.

– The trend shows that meetings are shorter, but on the other hand there will be more of them. Companies know that meetings are expensive, but they’re also aware of the possibilities and they ask for solutions to make them as effective as possible. We will take on a consultative role – and by that make our employees even more competent.

Every year, Scandic hosts more than five million meeting participants, in more than 2 000 meeting rooms, in 230 hotels. Wilhelmsson also establishes that the food is an important part of the meetings.

– The meal itself is a meeting – where our service model adapts to the group, its needs and interaction. We also know that the food is tremendously important for the total impression. Some 40 percent have allergies or specific food preferences and we’ve adjusted our menus according to this.

The new meetings concept is now launched in all 230 hotels in Scandinavia.

Six tips – How to make your meeting more effective

  1. Consider the purpose of your meeting
    Is it about making a decision, educating, networking, selling or inspiring the participants?

  2. Dare to make demands
    Everyone wins from an engaging and effective meeting. Establish rules and follow them – for example, collect all cell phones for “safekeeping” at the start of the meeting.

  3. Create the right mood
    Refurnish the space to make it easier for people to move around and share their energy or to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

  4. Use technology for more impact
    Live broadcasting and other technical solutions will bring your meeting to life. Gamification also gets participants involved. Today, easy solutions that make meetings more interactive are just a click away.

  5. Dazzle with food and drinks
    Food is an important part of the meeting experience. Ban boring sandwiches – impress the participants with a fresh and inspiring spread that suits everyone, regardless of allergies or or preferences.

  6. Use the element of surprise
    Refreshments served from a café bike or a jogging break around the venue (to boost oxygen flow to the brain) could mean the difference between a successful meeting and a waste of time.