5 tips for better meeting catering

Do you always have catering success on your meeting day? If you do, then you’re luckier than most. It’s no mean feat. In addition to serving great food on a meeting day, our head chef at Scandic Copenhagen, Thomas Petersen, also serves up his 5 best tips for all meeting planners, to help take your meeting catering one step further.

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  • Aligning expectations: There are some things that just keep giving. Or do they? Take nothing for granted when you book meals for your meeting day. Make sure that expectations are aligned with your venue or the company that delivers the food. Let everyone know what they need to know including the day’s agenda and your own wishes. And ask all the questions you can think of. That way you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises on the day of the meeting - not only for the kitchen staff but also for you as a customer. 
  • Get to know your meeting participants And make sure that the kitchen staff do the same. Let the meeting venue or the catering company know key information about your meeting participants. Which company or companies do they come from? Is the meeting group made up mostly of women or men? Do any of the participants have allergies? The kitchen staff has a wealth of experience to draw from when creating the menu, as long as you let them know the type of people they will be serving.
  • Choose vegetarian: Not necessarily when choosing all dishes,  but the option should feature  on your meeting day menu. But make sure that there are vegetarian options available. It’s fairly certain that some of your meeting participants place a high value on variation in the menu, whilst others prefer catering that matches their lifestyle. There’s room for all types of dishes on a meeting day. Just as there’s room for all types of people.
  • Sit down, stand up: Or maybe you should walk outside? There are no fixed rules for how you should enjoy your food on a meeting day. In fact, you may enjoy it best if the way it’s served also matches the purpose of your meeting. Maybe you have a small company that wants to enjoy a 2-course dinner and a detailed discussion of the day’s topics? Or perhaps a more ‘dynamic’ serving works best with a standing buffet that allows you to mingle. We’re highly experienced in serving ‘in-room lunches’, like a burrito that our guests can munch on, or take with them outside to enjoy a breath of fresh air.
  • Go easy on blood sugar levels: Try to spare your meeting participants the risk of a major sugar rush in the afternoon. Make sure you distribute the day’s primary sugar intake (typically in the form of fruit and cake) over 2 breaks. Instead of serving large amounts of fruit and cake side by side at the afternoon buffet, it's a good idea to separate them. Let fresh fruit be the morning energy booster, making cake the afternoon alternative. That way, blood sugar and energy levels remain stable throughout the entire day of meetings.