Dixi 5 years

Our dear service dog Dixi turned 5 years 18 December (that’s 35 in man years). We caught up with the friendly canine to find out about her life at Scandic and what she was doing on her big day.

Congratulations, Dixi!

How does it feel to turn 5?

Just great! I’m in the prime of my life, actually. I slept in a bit longer than usual today. And I ignored my master when he tried to wake me. Life is good.

So, how’s the party been so far? 

I’m being spoiled silly. I’ve already gotten a new teddy bear as well as a bone to chew on.

You’ve been working at Scandic for 3 years now. How’s it been?

We travel a great deal and I get to visit exciting places from Alta in northern Norway to Berlin. When I fly, I’m treated like a queen. I get my own spot on the plane and the flight attendants take extra good care of me.

What do you like best about Scandic?

Fridays at the head office because I always get doggie treats.

What do you like best about your colleagues?

Collies? Oh, I love collies. In fact, I met one last week on Tindog…*

No, no Dixie. Colleagues. The human ones here at the office.

I get along well with people here. They pet me when I come to them. And if they don’t, I just nudge them gently while they’re trying to work until they do.

You´re probably the most famous and widely travelled service dog in the world. Almost 800 followers at @dogatwork on a short period of time, how will you celebrate No 1000?

Well, thank you. Considering my fame… a Scandic hotel suite filled with 1000 juicy bones wouldn’t be too much to ask for. Don’t you agree?

What’s your favorite thing?

Sunday! It’s the best day of the week. I hardly bother to get up.

How will you celebrate Christmas this year?

I’m going to the country house and staying in the city so I can see my friends and family.

Last but not least, what do you want for Christmas?

I wish for all dogs out there to have a warm and loving home and at least one juicy bone to chew on this Christmas. And some snow to roll around it would be nice.

* Tindog is an app that lets you “find other dogs & their owners around you” in the swipe left/right style made famous by Tinder (the boring human version). http://www.twindog.co/

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Down the memory lane, when Dixi was going to pick a Christmas present.

Yes, time to pick a christmas present. #easypick #scandic #servicedog #merrychristmas

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