Sharing dinner

A Sharing dinner is designed for informal events where guests can get to know each other and enjoy informal conversation. Eating in a more social setting is a nice alternative to the traditional three course dinner and provides an opportunity to try a number of different courses in table serving dishes. We appreciate unified orders. Sharing dinner menus for 10 guests or more. Prices per person.

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Green salad and raspberry vinaigrette L, G
Smoked reindeer mousse L, G
Skagen mousse L, G
Baked beetroot seasoned with sea buckthorn vinaigrette and cheddar by Kolatun Juustola L, G
Gravlax and blackcurrant mustard L, G
Wild mushroom salad L
Blinis, sour cream and pickles

Selection of breads, butter and spread

Main courses
Warm-smoked salmon, chanterelles and butter sauce L, G
Best vegetables of the season L, G

Strawberry cream cake L
Chocolate confections

Wine recommendation
Rose: That´s Neiss Pink Riesling, Germany 

G = gluten-free, L = lactose-free, M = milk-free