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Restaurant Bistro
Restaurant Bistro
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Enjoy delicacies from near and far, served in a relaxed bistro environment.

We are doing everything we can to secure you a safe visit. You can also enjoy breakfast and dinner in your room by ordering it as take away in advance according to our restaurant opening hours.

Opening hours

Illallinen: ti-to 17:00-21:30, pe 17:00-22:00, la 19:00-22:00, su 17:00-21:00, Ma Suljettu
 (Bistron Buffet tarjolla la 4.12. ja su 5.12.21: ti-to 17:00-21:30, pe 17:00-22:00, la 19:00-22:00, su 17:00-21:00, Ma Suljettu)