Cocktail menu

See our cocktail menu and pick the best selection for your event. Minimum amount for the cocktail is 10 people.

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Skagen shrimps canapé L 3,70 €/piece
Dry-cured lavaret on malt bread canapé L 3,70 €/piece
Chopped mushroom on rye button L 3,70 €/piece


Reindeer in rieska wrap L   3,40 €/piece
Cold-smoked salmon in rieska wrap L 3,40 €/piece
Roast beef wrap with herbs L 3,40 €/piece

Petits Choux

Blue cheese petit chou L  2,40 €/piece
Smoked salmon petit chou L 2,40 €/piece


Mature emmental cheese L, G 2,90 €/piece
Brie L, G  2,90 €/piece

Savoury Cocktail Food

Smoked lavaret and roe sandwich L    4,70 €/piece
Artichoke and serrano ham crostini L 4,70 €/piece
Goat’s cheese bruschetta L 4,70 €/piece
Tomato and basil bruschetta L  4,70 €/piece

Sweet Cocktail Food

Chocolate mousse petits choux 4,70 €/2 pieces
Passion fruit mousse petits choux  4,70 €/2 pieces
Macarons 4,70 €/2 pieces
Petits fours  4,70 €/2 pieces
Chocolate truffles  4,70 €/2 pieces

Cocktail Skewers

Melon-parma ham-olive skewer L, G 5,70 €/piece
Emmental cheese-strawberry-pineapple skewer L, G    5,70 €/piece
Grilled vegetable skewer L, G 5,70 €/piece