Scandic Hotels has acquired Restel’s hotel business in Finland and all Cumulus hotels and Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki have become Scandic Hotels. At the same time, the hotel names have changed.


Cumulus hotels and Hotel Seurahuone in Helsinki has been turned into Scandic Hotels in the largest ever rebranding project in the Finnish hotel sector. 

Recycling hotel material

Rebranding started in February, and in connection with it, all hotel products and materials will be changed to the Scandic brand, including the signs.

Most of the Cumulus materials will be recycled. “The recycling of the room bins and hangers has caused most hassle. We’ve got approximately 29000 hangers and 6000 bins to give away at Cumulus hotels", tells Christer Skjäl, District Director at Scandic. For example Cumulus City Hämeenpuisto’s hangers will be donated to Tampereen Työväen Teatteri theatre and part of the bins to a local animal welfare organisation.

As a hotel guest, you can enjoy the following in our new hotels from the first day:

Classic names will be kept

The purpose behind the new hotel names is to help the customer to select a hotel best suited to one’s own needs. The traditional names of the classic hotels will be kept and new names have been taken into account the hotels’ history and local special features.

The hotel location is also be visible in the name. For example, the name of the hotel located closest to the city center will contain the word “City”, and similarly the hotel located closest to the railway station will contain the word “Station”. In big cities such as Helsinki and Tampere, the hotel names may also show that they are located in a certain city district or in the vicinity of certain parks.

Cumulus hotels were changed to Scandic hotels at these dates 2018:

27 February Scandic Meilahti (Cumulus City Meilahti Helsinki)
13 March Scandic Tampere Hämeenpuisto (Cumulus City Hämeenpuisto Tampere)
20 March Scandic Hakaniemi (Cumulus City Hakaniemi Helsinki)
20 March Scandic Kaisaniemi (Cumulus City Kaisaniemi Helsinki)
20 March Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto (Cumulus City Koskikatu Tampere)
3 April Scandic Helsinki Aviapolis (Cumulus City Airport Vantaa)
3 April Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress (Cumulus Resort Airport Congress Center Vantaa)
3 April Scandic Rukahovi (Cumulus Resort Rukahovi Rukatunturi)
10 April Scandic Imatran Valtionhotelli (Cumulus Resort Imatran Valtionhotelli)
10 April Scandic Mikkeli (Cumulus City Mikkeli)
10 April Scandic Kouvola (Cumulus City Kouvola)
17 April Scandic Atlas (Cumulus City Keskusta Kuopio)
17 April Scandic Joensuu (Cumulus City Joensuu)
17 April Scandic Aulanko (Kylpylähotelli Cumulus Resort Aulanko Hämeenlinna)
24 April Scandic Jyväskylä City (Cumulus City Jyväskylä)
24 April Scandic Kotka (Cumulus City Kotka)
24 April Scandic Turku (Cumulus City Turku)
1 May Scandic Laajavuori (Kylpylähotelli Cumulus Resort Laajavuori Jyväskylä)
1 May Scandic Seinäjoki (Cumulus City Seinäjoki)
1 May Scandic Hämeenlinna City (Cumulus City Hämeenlinna)
8 May Scandic Polar (Cumulus Resort Polar Rovaniemi)
8 May Scandic Pohjanhovi (Cumulus Resort Pohjanhovi Rovaniemi)
8 May Scandic Rauma (Cumulus City Rauma)
8 May Scandic Siuntio (Cumulus Resort Siuntio)
15 May Scandic Oulu Station (Cumulus City Oulu)
15 May Scandic Ikaalisten Kylpylä (Cumulus Resort Ikaalisten Kylpylä)
15 May Scandic Lahti City (Cumulus City Lahti)
22 May Scandic Hyvinkää (Cumulus City Hyvinkää)
22 May Scandic Kemi (Cumulus City Kemi)
22 May Scandic Kallio (Cumulus City Kallio Helsinki)
29 May Scandic Waskia (Cumulus Resort Tropiclandia Vaasa)
29 May Scandic Salo (Cumulus City Salo)
29 May Scandic Lappeenranta City (Cumulus City Lappeenranta)
5 June Scandic Seurahuone (Hotelli Seurahuone Helsinki)
5 June Scandic Eden Nokia (Kylpylähotelli Cumulus Resort Eden Nokia)

The names of the hotels in the Intercontinental Hotels Group that are a part of the acquisition will remain the same. Therefore, the names of the hotels operating under the Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Indigo brands will not change.

Scandic announced the acquisition of the Restel hotel business on 21 June 2017. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority approved the purchase on 5 December 2017.