Heli sightseeing

What about experiencing Berge from the skies? To see famous landmarks such as Ulriken, the fishmarket, fjords and mountains through a guided helicopter-ride, is an experience you´ll hardly ever forget. The journey lasts about 30 minutes. For 1-5 people. If you´re seeking a spectacular nature-related experience, we`ll take you on a guided tour over Bergen before we move on to Trolltunga, which is an amazing mountain formation as well as one os Norway´s most famous touristattractions. Next, we´ll fly over the glacier "Folgefonna2. Remember to bring a camera to make the memories ever lasting. The journey will take around 90 min. for 1-5 people.



Tour 1: 30 min = Kr. 6.000 NOK
Tour 2: 90 min = Kr. 43.000 NOK

Booking: Concierge.HotelNorge@Scandichotels.com