Book spots - Johanna Lindbäck

Johanna is a high school teacher and a writer who is originally from Luleå but has lived in Stockholm for a long time. She blogs at, one of Sweden’s largest literature blogs. Johanna has published the youth books; "En liten chock", "Min typ brorsa", "Tänk om det där är jag" and "Saker som aldrig händer".

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Hedengrens bokhandel - Stureplan 4, Östermalm

At the heart of Östermalm, you’ll find this institution. Established in 1918, it has that look and feel of an old, classic book store. The staff are experts, the selection is large and varied. You can easily end up spending hours here browsing and finding titles you never knew you needed, but now you most certainly do. They offer fiction and non-fiction, magazines, and host a lot if events. If you’re looking for titles in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish and Norwegian, this is the place.

Söderbokhandeln - Götgatan 37, Södermalm

Want to walk in and feel right at home? Go to Söderbokhandeln! It’s sort of the equivalent to Hedengrens, but much smaller and on the other side of the city. 

Söderbokhandeln was founded 1927, and just like Hedengrens it has that perfect classic look. New books are placed on a long table in the middle of the store, and it’s easy to get stuck there browsing and reading. Another reason for lingering is the cool jazz music they often play, or the cozy green sofa in the back. This is the kind of place where you strive to be a regular just to get that nod of recognition from the staff when you enter.

Aspuddens bokhandel - Hägerstensvägen, Aspudden

Less is more seems to be the principle behind Aspuddens bokhandel. Located in a rather small space, they still manage to fit in a book store with a personal selection, a cafe, and an impressive event calendar. They host authors and talks several times a week, and in just a few years’ time they have become one of the most important literal platforms in Stockholm. It’s located close to the metro station Aspudden along the red line, and well worth a trip out of the city.

Akademibokhandeln - Mäster Samuelsgatan 28, in City Center

This is the biggest book store chain in Sweden, and this is their flagship store located in the city center. As expected, you can find close to everything here. The selection is huge, and besides books they also carry stationery, office supplies, puzzles and games. 

Their popular author events on Saturdays often draw a huge crowd, so to get a seat, you might have to show up a little before.

Bokslukaren - Mariatorget 2, Södermalm

Looking for something for the kids but don’t know what to get? Bokslukaren knows! Their staff are true experts and can always help with the right book for any kid or teen. They are located at Mariatorget, and during spring and summer, you can look for their landmark; a huge gorilla sitting on a bench outside. 

Besides being an extremely nice and cute store, Bokslukaren is also a cafe. They serve pastries inspired and named after famous characters like Pippi Longstocking and Mumin. It’s the perfect place to find a good book and sit down with a muffin and a cup of tea afterwards. During weekends, they host story times and readings for kids.