Denim spots - Viktor Fredbäck

Viktor Fredbäck is a dedicated jeans enthusiast who in 2016 won in the category "This year’s collector" in The Collector’s Awards. In 10 years he has been able to create one of the biggest collections of vintage jeans, with over 400 pairs.

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Sko Uno -  Gamla Brogatan 34, City Center

This store is one of the oldest shoe stores in Stockhom, founded in 1975. During the 90´s they started a lot of trends. Today you can find leatherjackets, shoes, accessories and of course denim. Current owner Marthyn Ingham that has been working for Levis, during several years, sells a lot of his private collection (contains more than 3000 pcs) in the stores. Make sure to talk to him.

Beyond Retro - Brännkyrkagatan 82, Södermalm

Big vintage store there you can find everything from dressed shirts to Letterman cardigans from the 30´s. They have a big section of vintage denim, there you can find denim from 1970-90’s. If you are really lucky you sometimes can fall over some older stuff like 1950-60´s. You need to have patience, but hang in there, somewhere in the ocean of denim you can find a treasure.

Second Sunrise -  Katarina Bangatan 69, Södermalm

This is one of my personal favourite denim stores. They have a great selection of jeans from Japan to USA, all raw denim. Some days they also have indigo dying courses you can attend. In the back of the store they have old sewing machines where they tailor make jeans using old fabrics. One section in the store is dedicated for vintage denim. They always have 60´s and older stuff up for sale. I started to collect vintage denim together with Douglas, who is one of the owners at Second Sunrise. Don’t miss this store!

Herr Judit - Hornsgatan 65, Södermalm

Selected vintage and second hand describe this store. They travel all around the world (mostly to USA, Italy and England) to pick up quality garments. Focusing on vintage fashion, they are very picky about what they bring in to the store. There are denim brands like LVC, RRL, but also fashion brands like Acne Studios. If you are into reading about vintage denim, they sell some books as well.