Ice cream spots - Elisabeth Avrotin

Elisabeth is a dedicated ice cream lover who lives in Stockholm. She always makes sure to try new ice cream spots in the capital and botanizes new, exciting flavour combinations such as avocado and cashew.

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Stikkinikki - Götgatan 46, Södermalm

Stikkinikki serves eco-friendly ice cream without any artificial ingredients. They change their selection of flavours every day and they experiment a lot, resulting in flavours like avocado and beer. Don’t miss their delicious blueberry sorbet that tastes like a bowl of Swedish blueberries in the middle of the summer! And if you’re brave enough go for the vegan cashew ice cream, you’ll be surprised how creamy and good it is.

Gelateria Italiana - Drottningholmsvägen 22, Kungsholmen

Don’t be fooled by the interior. This place has been here for a long time and they serve great Italian ice cream. Even though a lot of flavours are traditional they have updated their assortment and included some vegan and lactose-free alternatives. A great pit stop if you’re exploring Kungsholmen and need something cool and sweet.

King Scoopa - Hornsgatan 156, Södermalm

A new addition to the ice cream scene here in Stockholm. This ice cream bar opened summer 2016 when two brothers got inspired by the Ben & Jerry’s documentary and opened up this shop. They describe their ice cream as cool and the great thing is that you can get your ice cream in a doughnut. A very trendy spot that is worth trying if you’re in the neighbourhood!

Taverna Brillo - Sturegatan 6, City Centre

This place is actually a restaurant but in the main entrance you’ll find a small ice cream shop. Last year they invented the croissant ice cream that quickly became a buzz in Stockholm, basically meaning that you could get your scoops in a croissant instead of a cup or a cone. If you’re interested in trying this new combination, ask the staff and they might be kind enough to serve you one. Also, if you’re here in the summertime you should definitely try their rhubarb ice cream, something you won’t forget!