Outdoor spots – Erika Rosenbaum

Erika Rosenbaum works as a personal trainer and running coach. She has an education in sport and health and has started her own company with a focus is on sustainable training. Erika has also worked as a host and coach in a program called "Aldrig mera fet" which in English translates to "Never fat again".

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"Long run explorer", Stockholm

Run and sightsee on the bridges of Stockholm. The city is built on islands and the best way to explore the city, floating on beautiful waters, is by feet. Put on your running shoes and make your best sightseeing while running. On your way, you will get amazed by the variety of surroundings Stockholm can offer. Västerbron is the peak of your trip and probably where you take your selfie with the view of Old Town and City Hall behind.

Djurgårdskanalen 10 km, Östermalm/Djurgården

A beautiful distance run starting from the city, stretching by Strandvägen with its ancient buildings and boulevard walk, all the way to the bridge over to Royal Djurgården, where you turn left. Follow the channel and get amazed by the sense of countryside just a few minutes from the center of the capital. Eventually you reach two more bridges, pass the second bridge if you wish two extra kilometers or stay for a break at the cafeteria close to the first bridge. Run yourself back on the other side of the canal. You will pass several museums worth coming back for.

Långholmen kajak, Långholmen

Kayaking under the bridges of Stockholm, you will discover the beautiful city from the water. Get up early in the morning and slide on the water next to the streets while the city wakes up. At the small and picturesque island Långholmen you will find kayaks for rent next to boat clubs, walking paths and open-air cafes in the summer. Get there by rental bike and put your life jacket on for exploring new areas with a paddle.

Hellasgården, Älta

If you wish to go out with a MTB in tricky terrain, swim run in a historical lake or try the sauna; Hellasgården is perfect for you. Hellasgården is situated in Älta close to the southern parts of Stockholm where you easily can go by bus. The surroundings offer many possibilities for the sports geek: a large outside gym, a lake perfect for swimming and swim running, MTB track, several running tracks, a nice restaurant, a kiosk and a sauna with possibility to cool off in the lake all year round.

Royal intervals, Djurgården

Intervals are the key to more successful running. Get your warm up jog to Djurgårdsbron, pass the bridge where you’ll see a large blue gate. A lot of runners use this area for a variety of intervals. For exactly 1 km you start from the gate and run next to the water until you reach a street, turn right and then pass Skansen to your left, turn right again and run on the large sidewalk opposite the huge Nordiska Museet, back to the blue gate. The large sidewalk is, by itself, also an effective route for shorter intervals.