Parkour spots - Marcus "Zyrken" Gustafsson

Marcus "Zyrken" Gustafsson is a Swedish parkour athlete. Gustafsson competes against the Free Running elite and runs Sweden's first and largest parkour foundation. He also forms the Free Running duo Air Wipp, and was one of the first Swedish parkour athletes to participate in international competitions at a professional level.

Röda Murarna - Fatburs Brunnsgata, Södermalm

"Just behind Södra Station there’s this small spot. This is where I often come to warm up and get started with the training. The area basically consists of a bunch of mid-high walls and rails to swing in. This is not where you go to show off, but rather it is a place suitable for exercise. I personally think that this spot is one of the best in Stockholm, and maybe not just for the place itself, but for its proximity to Södermalm, where you can explore new opportunities and challenges."

Kista Centrum - Kista

“In the middle of Kista square there is a spot for those who want to work on their 'flow'. My personal tips are that you use it to make longer ‘lines’, which almost looks like a dance where you move smoothly from A to B without stopping. This part of parkour is inspired by both breakdance and capoeira."

Borgmästartrappan - Slussen, Södermalm

“The most famous place for parkour in Stockholm. Borgmästartrappan has been used for many years for climbing, jumping and shooting videos. The staircase has been used in many commercial productions for parkour in Sweden. And I would like to say that it is one of the most recognised spots in Stockholm.”

Bergshamra Centrum - Solna

"A rather remote place but a really good environment for training. Out here you can walk around for hours and find fun things to practice on. There is a bunch of walls that are nice to use for ‘kong’ exercise and stuff like that. This spot is suitable for more experienced practitioners, but go there and try it out even if you’re a beginner!"

Solna Strand - Solna

"This is similar to Bergshamra in the sense that you can easily walk around and discover new places, with a lot of concrete foundations that can be used for practicing, and with some stairs and gaps that are great to jump from. Very industrial feel but with a lot of choice. "