Selfie spots – Daniel Paris

Daniel Paris is a blogger, host and lecturer who lives in Stockholm. He also has a graduation in social studies. Daniel is continuously participating in the morning show "TV4 Nyhetsmorgon" and is also a radio host in "Vakna med NRJ".

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Kungsträdgården, City Centre

In Kungsträdgården you will find the most amazing cherry blossom trees that bloom a couple of weeks between April and May. It is the most beautiful sight and packed with people. The trees are a bit of a miracle in our very cool Scandinavian climate. Take a selfie under the flowers and enjoy watching the number of likes on your Instagram pic go up. I can almost guarantee that they will. In Kungsträdgården you can go ice skating in the winter, also a very good photo opportunity!

Fotografiska, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Södermalm

Well, it might be a bit ironic for me to recommend you to go and take pictures at a place called Fotografiska as the word ”foto” obviously means ”photo” in Swedish. But the art here is amazing and incredibly beautiful and if you love looking at good pictures you should go here. Posters, art work and sculptures - you can find everything here. Fotografiska is also located perfectly by the water which gives you an amazing view, and the large windows in the café offers really good natural light for your pictures.

Och himlen därtill, Götgatan 78, Södermalm

Located on the 23rd floor in a skyscraper in the heart of the south of Stockholm, Södermalm, this rooftop bar/restaurant really gives a new meaning to the word ”rooftop bar”. From up here you can see the entire city of Stockholm and it looks magical both during day and night. The interior is also very beautiful and at “Himlen” every moment can be a photoshoot. Everybody takes pictures of everything in here, so don't be shy. Take a selfie with the beautiful city in the background. It will look like a postcard. Södermalm is the hipster part of Stockholm and a great place to get inspired.

STHLM Brunch Club, Dalagatan 24, Vasastan

Social media is all about delicious and gorgeous looking food. The best pictures you’ll get over a really good brunch and Stockholm Brunch Club is famous for theirs. They serve all kinds of regular food like Eggs Benedict and Caesar Salad but the milkshakes are out of this world. Delicious and beautiful with all kinds of crazy toppings and decorations. Perfect for your Instagram or Facebook. The chocolate shake is a classic

Fjärilshuset, Haga trädgård, Solna

Like a tropical rainforest, in Sweden! If you live here you know that Sweden is not exactly a dewy climate so the fact that you can go to a place with beautiful butterflies, sharks (!), fish and reptiles is really amazing. It is like entering a magical forest full of surprises and you can take lots of pictures here. Both with the amazing and colourful animals but also with the gorgeous environments. Your friends on social media won’t believe the photos have been taken in Sweden.