Skate spots – Jörgen Brennicke

Jörgen Brennicke belonged to the first wave of skaters in Sweden, as he began in the 70’s. He stopped skating for 30 years and then picked it up again six years ago as new, fantastic skateparks started popping up in Stockholm.

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Åva, Täby

This is my favorite skatepark. I like the style of a backyard pool, where you have the tiles, the concrete coping on the edge, the obstacles and stairs like you were in a real pool, and a death box where the water would go out. It also has a smaller street style area and there’s a kickbike park just next to it. It’s a beautiful place.

High Valley Skate World, Högdalen

This is the biggest park in Stockholm and it has a lot of different things to skate. It’s really, really fun. You can be a beginner, you can get your kicks there or you can be a radical vert skater and still enjoy it. It’s a great place and it’s also a lovely place to just hang out. There are always people hanging out here, camping and looking at the people skating – so it’s a really fun park. 

Rålis Skatepark, Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm

This one is located under a bridge so you can skate here even when it rains. This skatepark is what got me back to skateboarding. I walked past and people were skateboarding or playing cricket – there’s so much energy and so many different sports.

Kristinebergs Skatepark, Kungsholmen

This is a really fun park and I would say that this one is a very “playful” park. There’s only one pool so you might have to wait a bit. Because if somebody’s in - you wait.

Orminge Betongpark, Nacka

This is a park that I’ve only skated in a couple of times, but would really like to go back to. It’s a really fun park with one pool with different heights. It’s very versatile and a place where you can be a beginner or you can use bangs and stuff if you’re really gnarly or want to go hard and high up.