Veggie spots – Mattias Kristiansson

Mattias Kristiansson lives in Stockholm and is the founder of Sweden’s first and biggest vegetarian food magazine, VEGO. He is also a dedicated cook book writer and is also blogging at, where he shares his vegan and vegetarian recipes.

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Södra Teaterns restaurang, Mosebacke Torg 1, Södermalm

Södra Teatern changed their whole menu and are now serving vegetarian and vegan dishes with vegetables in season. The best way is to share 4-5 different dishes with a friend. The food is fresh, fun and a lot of Swedish flavours, but with a twist. Plus, they have a great wine selection to match the food and an amazing view over Stockholm. Start your evening with a fantastic dinner then continue to Södra Teaternas different night clubs and party all night long.

Hälsocafét Mahalo, Hornsgatan 61, Södermalm

Mahalo has become a big favourite among veggie lovers. It's an all vegan café with healthy and tasty food. Start your day with an acai bowl with homemade peanut butter, stay for a lunch with a raw zucchini carbonara, burger or mix your own salad. Whatever you do, don't forget their delicious raw cakes. Banoffe Pie is my favourite, and will soon be yours too. If you visit in the summer you can enjoy the sun in their cosy courtyard.

Restaurang Växthuset, Hammarby Slussväg 2, Södermalm

One of the newest stars on the veggie sky. And it's an all vegan, fine dining, restaurant with high ambitions. The idea is that the guests should share and taste as many of the different dishes as possible. The influences come from all over the world and changes with the seasons. The food has a real high quality with interesting flavours and textures. If you think vegan food seems bland and boring, think again!

Café Delivore, ÅSÖGATAN 116, Södermalm

An all vegan café and deli and a part of Stockholm's biggest all vegan grocery store – Goodstore. They have tasty grilled sandwiches, salads and drinks, lasagna, mouth-watering cakes and crazy things like “ice cream stuffed croissants”. Yeah, they have it all, and you can either sit down here or take away. My pro tip is that you gather all the things you hunger for, then have a dreamy picnic in a nearby park.