Vintage spots - Emma Sundh

Emma Sundh is a freelancing journalist, blogger and writer who lives in Midsommarkransen, south of Stockholm. Emma blogs about vintage on and has also published two books; "Vintage party" and "Vintage hairstyles".

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Old Touch, Upplandsgatan 43, Vasastan

Old Touch is like a Narnia wardrobe filled with treasures from past centuries. A must for fashion lovers, it's like a tiny fashion museum. Sweeping flapper gowns, white lace from the 1700’s, 1960’s coats, jewellery loved by generations and embroidered pillowcases from a bygone era. Here I have found (yes, the prices are humane) party blisters, children's clothes and small fabulous jewellery and hair accessories over the years. Always with a high class and perfection! 

Vintagefabriken, Svandammsvägen 8, Midsommarkransen

Outside the city, in beautiful Midsommarkransen, you’ll find a bunch of cute vintage shops. I live just there, in Midsommarkransen, so I have my favourite shops just around the block. Total luxury. A dear favourite is Vintagefabriken, which is a flowery little shop that two of my friends run (Linda and Lollo). They are mainly focused on children's clothes from the beginning of the last century. But here are also freshly produced goodies – all carefully selected, handpicked and well-produced. And of course – with a vintage touch. 

Beyond retro, Brännkyrkagatan 82, Södermalm

Ohlala, I can spend hours here (which I do. Very often). You’ll find two Beyond Retro in Stockholm. There is one in the centre of Stockholm (worth a look), but my favourite is located at Zinkensdamm in Södermalm (best and most cosy neighbourhood if you ask me). Browse vintage from the 40’s, find a perfectly hand sewn coat from the 50's or get your hand on a unique and trendy 90's piece. Here you'll find everything from previous decades and the best? The store is huge!

Judits Second Hand, Hornsgatan 75, Södermalm

Where do all the fashion editors and stylists go to hand in their old clothes and bags? The answer is Judits Second Hand at Södermalm (close to Beyond Retro). This town’s best fine-vintage. If you are looking for a vintage designer bag or a vintage find from a Swedish brand, this is the place to be. Not only do they have branded clothes, but also custom made pieces from the past decades. When I was going to a ball in the City Hall, this was where I went to find the dress of my dreams – a pleated long dress from the 50’s in pigeon blue. I will never get rid of it.

Stockholm Stadsmission, Skånegatan 75, Södermalm

Small shops, cosy cafes and flowering parks – that’s what I like the most. No wonder I often go to Nytorget in Södermalm, where I can stroll around (without intense car traffic around the corner) eat ice cream and above all: go vintage shopping. Here you’ll find a number of prominent vintage and second hand shops. As soon as I get the chance, I enter Stadsmissionen on Skånegatan and explore the terrain. Here there are always good bargains and I rarely leave the place without a bag in my hand. Ps. When you're still in the hoods, check out Lisa Larsson at Bondegatan 48 – a vintage gold mine.