From Unnecessary Waste to Unbelievable Taste

What if we could take all the tasty leftovers from within these four walls and instead of throwing them away make them into extravagant cocktails? Guess what? We just did! The foam that is left when a barista pours a cappuccino gets clarified, the pineapple peel no one wants to eat turns into syrup and mint stems used to flavor the foam are examples of delicious products that earlier were just thrown away.

Leftovers becomes Extravagant cocktails

The minds behind the pop-up concept in Paul’s that runs until end May, are the several times awarded Bar Manager Christian Grevius, Food and Beverage Manager Daniel Hermansson and the infamous Andrea Patelli (Saint Martin’s Lane - London, Little Quarter - Stockholm)

The bar follows Paul’s concept with decadent and elegant food but states that the same words go for caring about the environment.

- We’re enormously impressed by the work being done internationally and we want to contribute to this positive development. We’re already doing a lot but there’s always more actions to take and since we’re so large, even the smallest change gives large results says Daniel Hermansson.

Haymarket works actively with sustainability, in line with Scandic’ s sustainability policies. The ”green focus” was also highlighted when Haymarket won the award for ”Best Individual Hotel” in Grand Travel Awards in February 2018.

- This launch gives us a chance to learn by doing and the ambition is to implement this in the other outlets when we know how to reach the best results days Christian Grevius.

As an added bonus, Andrea Patelli was asked to contribute to the project.

- For me, it’s flattering that Haymarket wanted me in this project, both since sustainability and environmental work is close to my heart but also to work with an organization that takes this seriously and strives to do even more.

The bar is open Tues-Thurs 5-10 PM and Fri-Sat 5-11 PM