Our Lifestyle Concierge adds that extra special touch to your stay

You know that friend who always knows the latest restaurants and shops, who keeps up with all the trends and always manages to slip past the queue at the best nightclubs? If you stay at Haymarket, that friend's name is Patrick Silvermarck and he works as Lifestyle Concierge.

Patrick helps you get the most out of Stockholm

Many hotels offer a concierge service – a person who helps you book theatre tickets, tells you the opening hours for museums, or shows you on a map how to find the best way to wherever you're heading. At Haymarket, we have taken the concierge concept one step further and created the complimentary service of Lifestyle Concierge. So how does it differ from the more conventional concierge service? Well, it's not all about the usual tourist spots here. Our Lifestyle Concierge is the person who keeps up with what's going on at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping and events.

At Haymarket, his name is Patrick Silvermarck. His title is very appropriate, because his lifestyle means he always keeps up with the very latest. His background is in fashion and retail and he has worked for hotels as an event planner, personal shopper and stylist. He loves to visit new bars and restaurants and never misses Fashion Week in Stockholm or Paris. And if he doesn't have the answer, you can be sure that a member of his extensive network does.

"In my job I combine everything I've worked with before into one and the same service. I love it!"

Patrick helps our guests get the most out of their stay in Stockholm. He can conjure up a table at that fully booked restaurant, tell you in which shop you can find those limited edition shoes, or help you put together a great day of spa treatments and brunch.

Haymarket's concept is fashion, lifestyle and art deco – all rolled into one. Patrick's job as Lifestyle Concierge is about making sure our guests experience this total concept. Meeting with them and letting them know how and where in Stockholm they can experience this very concept outside of our hotel, in everything from restaurants and bars to concerts, shows and museums. He works closely with reception so that he is well prepared for any requirements our arriving guests may have.

"My goal is to make sure all guests enjoy an exclusive experience when they stay at Haymarket. I like to connect with each guest, so that I can work out how best to meet their requirements".

Patrick is completely au fait with how a hotel runs and always knows the right person to talk to, so that he can provide our guests with that little extra. One example is how he has helped with the arrangements for a few marriage proposals in our hotel rooms at Haymarket.

"In these cases there may be a wish for flowers, champagne and a certain ambience in the room where the proposal is to take place. I always really want it to go well and I've been just as nervous as the person proposing before, haha!"

In addition to helping hotel guests with their requests, Patrick organises a smaller event at the hotel every other week and is also in charge of our shop. Events such as a designer showing and talking about their products, such as rugs or jewellery. The products may then also be available in our shop.

So if you're planning a visit to Haymarket, don't hesitate to contact Patrick. Getting his unique expertise will cost you nothing, but getting a table at a fully booked restaurant is priceless.