Scandic To Go

Ever since the launch of Scandic To Go during the summer of 2014, the two mobile hotel rooms have been placed at more than 40 locations in the Nordics.

The rooms are 18 sqm with terrace, have two beds, free WiFi and air conditioning. The bathrooms are fully equipped with a shower, soft bathrobes and beautifully scented toiletries from FACE Stockholm. Over 200 persons have spent their nights in the rooms and like any other hotel you´ve been able to book Scandic To Go online, either to a pre-selected destination, for example Djurgården in Stockholm, Alta in Norway, Savonlinna in Finland or Danish Bornholm or maybe to your own secret dream destination where Norwegian Geiranger is an example. Scandic is a company in constant change, so keep your eyes open and you won´t miss our next adventure on our website. 

Experience the new Scandic

With the Nordic region’s largest hotel chain changing all the time, when you visit us you may be in for a surprise. With newly built and refurbished hotels, there are a lot of new features to enjoy. However, there are some things we’ll never change, things that go to the heart of our service and your comfort. Welcome to organic breakfasts, high-speed internet, 24-hour shops and smart gyms. Welcome to the new Scandic!