The Nordics in 48 hours

Get enlightened by our bloggers and their challenge of the The Nordics in 48 hours! Go away for a great adventure and experience the destinations yourselves. It´s easy, pack your bags and check in at Scandic.

Two amazing journeys made of three bloggers

About the challenge #Nordics48h

May we present to you - our cool bloggers from UK and Germany - Yaya & Lloyd and Christine! Their mission was to experience the Nordic countries Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark during 48 hours each and document their journey for us. Their destinations and agenda was top secret for everyone, including themselves until the day before they left.

Every journey begins with an empty bag on your apartment floor. So, the first challenge - what to bring? Well, we helped our bloggers a bit. Take a look at Christine´s packing list.

Meet Hand Luggage Only

The guys from Hand Luggage Only landed safely among the Angry Birds in Finland and balanced on the edge of danger in Norway!

Yaya and Lloyd from UK, two blogging guys who certainly knows how to get the most out of any trip abroad. Keen on fun, food and festivities. A perfect pair for our challenge. These guys run the blog Hand Luggage Only. Check them out!



We arranged a morning surprise for our dear bloggers. To indulge themselves in the theme park of Angry Birds! The entertainment company Rovio is behind the success story of the app Angry Birds and has now devoted an entire park to games and birds - spot on we think! Lloyd & Yaya seem to be both  surprised but satisfied.

Are you as daring as our experts in rock climbing? No, don´t get scared. Actually Pulpit Rock, called "Preikestolen" in Norwegian is one of the most visited tourist attractions and over 200 000 visitors a year are walking the paths up to the flat top of the cliff. But watch out for the edge whilst taking a selfie! The guys were pretty impressed.



Say hello to Lilie!

The gal from Lilies Diary welcomed the Swedish U21 football team when they arrived at Scandic Park in Stockholm. She also had fabulous time in Copenhagen!

Christine Neder from Germany is a blogger and for three months she couch surfed herself around Berlin and subsequently wrote about her endeavour in Der Speigel. The project was called "90 nights, 90 beds". Today she runs the popular blog Lilies Diary. Christine accepted our challenge with a smile!



The entire population of Stockholm went out celebrating the proud winners of the European U21 Championship. The team stayed at Scandic Park in Stockholm which is the official hotel of the Swedish national football team. Christine jumped right into the heart of the action and mingled away with the guys!

The famous district of Christiania, called "the free town", is inhabited by artists and people said to have a free spirit. Closing down or not, the question still remains. The area is watched by the police. Our blogger Christine´s mission was to explore the area and take photos.