Partner hotels

Scandic partner hotels are independently operated and not a part of Scandic. But as a guest, you´ll experience the same comfort and warmth as you would at any Scandic hotel.

From the northernmost point to the southernmost tip - a warm welcome to Scandic and our partner hotels!

However, it may mean that some things you´re used to from the Scandic concept may not always be available at that location. We are thinking of things like our breakfast buffet, gym, free WiFi or our shop.

What about my member points?

As a Scandic Friends member, you earn points as usual and can use them at all our hotels, including Scandic's partner hotels. You also receive all the Scandic Friends benefits.

How do I know if the hotel is a partner hotel or not when I book?

When you search for hotels on our website, the hotel will be called a 'Scandic Partner'. For example, 'Scandic Partner: Olympiatoppen Sportshotel'. We have also marked these hotels with a small symbol which you can see on each hotel's own home page. See the symbol to the right. We have 14 partner hotels in total, 13 of which are located in Norway and 1 in Sweden.