11 ideas for delicious sandwiches

At Scandic we serve a breakfast buffet to suit everyone, from people with allergies, to vegans, to dairy and meat lovers. Everything you need to ensure a good start to the day. What type of sandwich are you? Find your favourite amongst our suggestions for super delicious sandwiches that you can easily make from our breakfast buffet!

11 ways to vary the breakfast buffet

Take a look at our 11 ideas for super delicious sandwiches easily made here. Scandic's breakfast buffet is always included when you stay at one of our hotels in the Nordic region, and there's no end to its variety. Only your imagination (and maybe the time you have available) can limit you. Get inspired by 11 ways to make super delicious sandwiches.

1. Herring sandwich

Start the day with a classic Swedish sandwich: crispbread, egg and herring. Frisée salad, chives and thin slices of radish make it extra tasty.

2. The Italian

For a wonderful sandwich with flavours from both Sweden and Italy, add a generous amount of cream cheese to crunchy crispbread, top with sliced cherry tomatoes and a sprig of basil.

3. Turkey & Dijon

The combination of turkey, cream cheese and Dijon mustard is hard to beat. A fluffy bread roll as the base and some sprouted seeds on top make this sandwich a breakfast table favourite.

4. Gourmet

A luxury breakfast sensation of sweet, tangy and rich flavours. Start with rye and cream cheese, top with blueberries, blue cheese, honey and pears. Remember the walnuts, for added nuttiness!

5. Brie & Marmalade

Brie deserves its rightful place on the breakfast table. Right? So place a few thick slices on some sourdough bread covered with lettuce. Raspberry marmalade and thinly sliced apple are the finishing touches.

6. English breakfast

A true English breakfast classic, dressed up a little differently. Place a generous helping of scrambled eggs mixed with baked beans on a slice of French bread. Top it off with crispy bacon and a little parsley!

7. Meaty sandwich

Bacon and pâté on the same sandwich? How does that work? Tastily, that's how! Add some pickles, crisp lettuce and a pinch of parsley and you have a mouthwatering start to your day.

8. Salmon sandwich

Treat yourself to delectable luxury with a few slices of cold smoked salmon on brown, wholegrain bread. Top with mustard and dill sauce, and chopped red onions.

9. Gluten-free vegan sandwich

The sandwich for everyone! Select gluten free crispbread and spread it with some dairy-free Oatly 'cream cheese'. Top with sliced banana and green apple.

10. Fitness sandwich

Filling, tasty and fresh - a winner! The fluffy oat bread is delicious with creamy cottage cheese and boiled egg. Top it off with some sliced cucumber and radishes.

11. Dessert sandwich

The sandwich for kids and for adults who still love kids' treats! Spread cream cheese or whipped cream on flatbread. Put a pancake on top, add Nutella and a handful of raspberries. Yummy!


The content of our breakfast buffets may vary, so we do not guarantee that every sandwich idea can be made at every hotel. But super delicious sandwiches are always possible. Tons of them actually!