Things that are good to know

Some things are good to know about your membership in Scandic Friends. We gathered some information below, and if you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact our member service!

Rules for reward nights

A reward night is a hotel stay that you've booked with the points you've earned as a Scandic Friends member. You can book your stay one year in advance, and remember, you get 500 extra points when you book your reward night online - it's worth a try! And of course, you'll get your usual benefits too. Please note that reward nights are not qualified for points and can only be booked for Standard rooms.

If you´re a 3rd floor and Top floor member, you can book a reward night all year round, although some dates may still be restricted due to major events in the area. That's why it's always good to book early! For 1st floor and 2nd floor members, some hotels may have exception dates during high season and you won't be able to book a reward night on those dates.

If you cancel or change a reward night that's been booked with points that expire before the actual stay, the points will count as expired and you won't be able to use them for other bookings. The points can't be used to book a new reward night on another date.

It´s possible to give away a reward night to a friend. To do this you have to contact our central booking, it´s not possible to do this on our website at the time being. Benefits are not included in reward night giveaways.

Rules for restaurant vouchers

At Scandic you´ll be served good food to a great price. As a Scandic Friends member on 2nd floor, 3rd floor and Top floor you'll receive a restaurant voucher for each qualifying night you stay. You can use the voucher for food and beverage at the hotel during your stay. The value of the voucher and rules for how to use it varies depending on the country of your stay. You can get more information at the hotel.

You´ll stay at your level for one year

Once you've stayed the required number of qualifying nights within a 12 month period, you'll move up to the next member level. When you've reached the new level you'll stay there for 1 year, unless of course you qualify for the next level in the meantime.

We'll upgrade you

We'll upgrade you to the next member level as soon as you've stayed with us the required number of qualifying nights for that level. You'll be able to enjoy the new benefits after your nights have been registered on your member account. This may take up to 1 week to be registered after your stay. We'll send you a new membership card after 3 weeks, with the same membership number as before.

You can be downgraded

If you haven't stayed with us the number of nights you need in order to maintain you member level after 1 year of being upgraded, you'll be moved down one level instead. But don't worry, you can never be moved down more than one level in a 12 month period.

Your points are valid for at least 3 years

Your points are valid the year you´ve earned them and 3 additional years. The expiration date is always 31 December. When you use your points, to book a reward night or partner voucher, we always deduct your oldest points first so that your points last for as long as possible.


A qualifying night means that you’ll earn points and that the night counts towards a higher membership level. Most bookings made on Scandic website, with a hotel directly, Reservation & Member service or corporate self booking tools are point qualifying, with a few exceptions for complimentary stays, reward nights or other special agreement rates. However, bookings that have been done through a third party website (e.g., Expedia,,) group booking or Tour Operators will not count as qualifying nights.

When do i get Scandic Friends benefits?

In order to receive Scandic Friends benefits, you have to book a qualifying night. 

Read more about the exceptions under Terms & Conditions.