Use your Membership Reward points with American Express

As an American Express cardholder in Sweden and Finland, you can transfer your Membership Reward points to Scandic and use them to book reward nights at all our hotels.

How to book online

You can book your reward night online. In the booking module, you just enter your requirements, click "Show more options", mark the checkbox "Book with reward night", click 'See rooms and prices' and log in with your login details. You´ll be told immediately whether a room is available and how many points you need to make your reservation. The number of Scandic Friends points you need to book can vary depending on the hotel and date you've chosen.

When you know how many Membership Reward points you wish to transfer, simply log into and transfer your points. You can also contact Membership Rewards on phone +46 771 29 55. It may take up to 10 business days before your points are transferred. You can easily check your points balance here on our website and book your reward night as described in this text as soon as the points have reached your Scandic Friends account.

Good to know about points

In Sweden, 6 Membership Rewards points equals 1 Scandic Friends point. In Finland, 1 Membership Reward point equal 1 Scandic Friends bonus point. You have to be a member of Scandic Friends to transfer your points.