Hertz has 90 years’ of experience in car and van rental services. Today they have 8,800 rental offices in 150 countries and are one of the largest car rental companies in the Nordics. Together with Hertz we can now offer our members a comfortable drive.

Enjoy following with Hertz




Up to 5% Up to 5% Up to 5% Up to 10%   

Bonus points per rental*

1000 1000 1000 1000

Delivery or pick up at our hotel**


Local offers 


Book a car

Book Book Book Book 

Book car with free delivery/pick up


* Only applies to cars rented in the Nordics, the bonus points will be available within a month
**This only applies to our hotels in the Nordics and if there is a Hertz office within a range of 10 km.

How do I book?

  • Book a car with discount by clicking the  'Book' link for your level in the table above. Your booking code will be pre-filled when entering Hertz
  • Always make sure to bring your digital membership card when picking up the car
  • Top Levelif you'd like to book a car with delivery or pick up at hotel, click book with delivery
  • Car delivered to the hotel (if there is a Hertz office within a range of 10 km)

Sweden +46 771 211 212

Norge +47 22 10 00 00

Denmark +45 33 17 90 00

Finland +358 200 11 22 33

  • Red Level: find all information about your Hertz discounts and how to book on your level page. Enter the page through My page.