Exchange your points into a gift card

Ving, Spies and Tjäreborg is part of the Thomas Cook, with over 500 destinations in 50 countries. Use your Scandic Friends points to order a gift card, which you can use when you'd like to travel from one of our Nordic destinations.

How do I order your gift card?

  • The gift card can be orderd on your member pages 
  • The gift card is digital and arrives to the email address you add while ordering, within 10 workdays

Book a trip with your gift card

Your gift card can be used on the website you chose when ordering. Members living outside our Nordics countries can also order gift cards, however, the departure will be from Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland.

Number of points needed

The table shows how many Scandic Friends points you need to order gift card.

Value on gift card*

Scandic Friends points

EUR 30  15,000
EUR 100 50,000

*the gift card will be in the currency of the country you choose to travel from.