We will continuously update this page with questions and answers. At the moment our hotel facilities might differ a bit, as we are following guidelines from local authorities in each country. Contact your hotel directly to get the latest information.

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Cancellation and rebooking

Individual reservations

Q: Can I cancel or change my reservation booked with SAVE (best price) rate?

A: For bookings made up to and including 27 March 2020:

If you have made a reservation with our best price rate (ordinary 'SAVE rate') and the stay will occur before and up to 31 December 2020, we will change your reservation to a future date up and until 31 December 2021. If the new price exceeds the original price you need to pay the difference at check-in. Rebooking that results in a lower price than already paid will not be reimbursed. Contact the hotel directly to rebook.

If you want to cancel your reservation our ordinary cancellation policy applies.

Exception: If you booked your hotel stay anywhere else than via Scandics website scandichotels.se/.no/.dk/.com/.de/.fi, our hotels or our central reservation, please contact the distributor for information regarding your booking.

Primarily contact the hotel directly if you have any questions regarding your booking made on Scandic's website.

Guest safety and routines

Q: What new cleaning routines/rules does Scandic have now in relation to Covid-19?

A: At our hotels, hygiene and cleanliness are always prioritized. We emphasize the importance of good hand hygiene based on recommendations from local health authorities. You can get the information regarding Scandic’s handling of guest safety here: 

Q: How do we handle food at our hotels due to the Coronavirus?

A: As we are following each country's regulations our hotel facilities differs a bit at the moment, e.g instead of a breakfast buffet, you might be offered a takeaway breakfast. And at some hotels, we've temporarily closed down facilities such as restaurants, bars, and gym.

Q: If I checked in at my hotel and it turns out that another guest is ill from the Coronavirus, what kind of help/support can I expect from Scandic?

A: Our staff is trained to handle different kind of situations. You can always ask a team member at the hotel where you are staying if you have questions. In the meantime, you can get the information regarding Scandic’s handling of guest safety here:

Scandic's policy in the light of COVID-19

Q: What policy’s does Scandic apply regarding the current situation?

A: You can get information regarding Scandic’s handling of guest safety here: 

Temporarily closed hotels

Q: Will Scandic be closing any hotels?   ​

A: Due to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus, we have taken the decision to temporarily close some of our hotels. All guests with a booked stay during the closure, will be contacted and offered a room at a nearby Scandic hotel, or an alternative. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding, during this extraordinary situation. ​

Q: How do I know if the hotel I've booked will close temporarily? 

A: We will get in contact with all guests that have a booked stay during the closing dates at concerned hotels. And rest assured, we will do everything to make sure that your upcoming stay will be good. To see if your hotel is closed you can visit the hotel page where information about temporarily closed hotels is available. Find your hotel under Hotels and destinations.