Best price guarantee

When you want to book a room at one of our hotels, just go straight to our website. We guarantee that you'll find the best offers and prices here. Here and nowhere else. That is why we offer a best price guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you find a price lower than the price we offer, we will match it and add a further 25% discount. The price guarantee applies if you have booked on and you find a better price on another website. The price must apply for the same date, same room type, same number of guests, same number of nights, same hotel and same pricing terms or restrictions.

The guarantee does not apply for:

  • Promotional rates or for reservations/prices that are not available to the public, such as negotiated rates for companies and travel agencies, group and conference rates, or where the hotel name is not given until after the reservation, or 'membership prices' reserved for members of particular groups or associations.
  • Reservations for more than 9 rooms
  • Price differences of under SEK/NOK/DKK:10 /EUR:1 /PLN:4
  • Currency differences
  • 'Auction discounts' which may be offered via other websites.
  • Prices from websites, 'on-request', that does not give an immediate booking confirmation. This also includes all web pages and mobile apps with a delay of 5 minutes or longer before the booking confirmation is sent.

The following conditions must be met in order for the price guarantee to apply:

  • The reservation must be made on,,,, or
  • Within 24 hours of making the reservation, you must have found a room at a better price than what we are currently offering on our own web for the same hotel. We must have received your notification no more than 24 hours from the time of booking and no later than 72 hours before arrival.
  • Same room type
  • The same number of rooms
  • The same number of people
  • Same arrival date
  • Same departure date
  • Same currency
  • Same terms and conditions on another website
  • Upon verification, we must be able to find a better price on the website referred to in the notification. Attach the URL (address of the website where you found the better price).

Send a notification via our form:

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