Collect and use Avios as a Finnair Plus member

As a Finnair Plus member, you can collect and use Avios points when you stay at one of our Scandic hotels in six countries.

Collect AVIOS

  • Collect 350 Finnair Plus Avios per qualifying night you stay at one of our hotels. You earn points for each qualifying night. Don’t forget to show your Finnair Plus card when checking in.
  • You collect Avios whether you have a flight booked or not
  • As a Scandic Friends member you can collect both Avios and Scandic Friends points during your point qualifying stay

    Use Avios

    You can use your Finnair Plus Avios for reward nights at all our Scandic hotels. To book a reward night at Scandic with your Avios, order a gift certificate at Finnair that´s valid for one night in a double room at weekends (Fri-Sun). Breakfast buffet is included (excluded in Germany and Poland). Reward nights are subject to availability and don´t qualify for Avios or Scandic Friends points.

    How to order a Avios reward night voucher

    You can order Finnair Plus Avios reward night gift vouchers online