reward nights

Spend your points on a reward night, either to yourself or as a present to someone you like. Find out how many points you need for the hotel of your choice.

Points needed to book a reward night entirely with points 

Hotel Destination Points
Scandic Arvika Arvika, Sweden 10000
Scandic Bollnäs Bollnas, Sweden 10000
Scandic Plaza Borås Boras, Sweden 20000
Scandic Borlänge Borlange, Sweden 25000
Scandic Lugnet Falun Falun, Sweden 25000
Scandic Gällivare Gallivare, Sweden 10000
Scandic CH Gavle, Sweden 25000
Scandic Gävle Väst Gavle, Sweden 20000
Scandic Opalen Gothenburg, Sweden 30000
Scandic No 25 Gothenburg, Sweden 25000
Scandic Mölndal Gothenburg, Sweden 20000
Scandic Europa Gothenburg, Sweden 30000
Scandic Crown Gothenburg, Sweden 30000
Scandic Backadal Gothenburg, Sweden 10000
Scandic Rubinen Gothenburg, Sweden 40000
Scandic Hallandia Halmstad, Sweden 30000
Scandic Helsingborg Nord Helsingborg, Sweden 25000
Scandic Elmia Jonkoping, Sweden 20000
Scandic Portalen Jonkoping, Sweden 20000
Scandic Kalmar Väst Kalmar, Sweden 25000
Scandic Karlskrona Karlskrona, Sweden 30000
Scandic Winn Karlstad, Sweden 25000
Scandic Karlstad City Karlstad, Sweden 30000
Scandic Klarälven Karlstad, Sweden 10000
Scandic Ferrum Kiruna, Sweden 25000
Scandic Linköping Väst Linkoping, Sweden 10000
Scandic Linköping City Linkoping, Sweden 25000
Scandic Frimurarehotellet Linkoping, Sweden 25000
Scandic Luleå Lulea, Sweden 10000
Scandic Star Lund Lund, Sweden 20000
Scandic Triangeln Malmo, Sweden 30000
Scandic Stortorget Malmo, Sweden 30000
Scandic Segevång Malmo, Sweden 20000
Scandic S:t Jörgen Malmo, Sweden 25000
Scandic Malmö City Malmo, Sweden 25000
Scandic Kramer Malmo, Sweden 30000
Scandic Norrköping City Norrkoping, Sweden 30000
Scandic Norrköping Nord Norrkoping, Sweden 25000
Scandic Stora Hotellet Nykoping, Sweden 20000
Scandic Grand Örebro Orebro, Sweden 20000
Scandic Örebro Väst Orebro, Sweden 20000
Scandic Örnsköldsvik Ornskoldsvik, Sweden 20000
Scandic Östersund Syd Ostersund, Sweden 20000
Scandic Skellefteå Skelleftea, Sweden 10000
Scandic Billingen Skovde, Sweden 25000
Scandic Skogshöjd Sodertalje, Sweden 10000
Scandic Södertälje Sodertalje, Sweden 10000
Scandic Anglais Stockholm, Sweden 40000
Grand Central by Scandic Stockholm, Sweden 50000
Scandic Infra City Stockholm, Sweden 10000
Scandic Victoria Tower Stockholm, Sweden 20000
Scandic Upplands Väsby Stockholm, Sweden 10000
Scandic Talk Stockholm, Sweden 20000
Scandic Täby Stockholm, Sweden 20000
Scandic Star Sollentuna Stockholm, Sweden 20000
Scandic Sjöfartshotellet Stockholm, Sweden 30000
Scandic Norra Bantorget Stockholm, Sweden 30000
Scandic Park Stockholm, Sweden 30000
Scandic Malmen Stockholm, Sweden 30000
Scandic Kungens Kurva Stockholm, Sweden 10000
Scandic Klara Stockholm, Sweden 30000
Scandic Järva Krog Stockholm, Sweden 20000
Scandic Hasselbacken Stockholm, Sweden 40000
Scandic Gamla Stan Stockholm, Sweden 30000
Scandic Foresta Stockholm, Sweden 20000
Scandic Ariadne Stockholm, Sweden 20000
Scandic Alvik Stockholm, Sweden 25000
Scandic Continental Stockholm, Sweden 40000
Haymarket by Scandic Stockholm, Sweden 50000
Scandic No. 53 Stockholm, Sweden 30000
Scandic Upplandsgatan Stockholm, Sweden 30000
Downtown Camper by Scandic Stockholm, Sweden 50000
Scandic Kista Stockholm, Sweden 10000
Scandic Prince Philip Stockholm, Sweden 10000
Scandic Laholmen Stromstad, Sweden 40000
Scandic Sundsvall City Sundsvall, Sweden 10000
Scandic Sundsvall Nord Sundsvall, Sweden 25000
Scandic Swania Trollhattan, Sweden 10000
Scandic Plaza Umeå Umea, Sweden 25000
Scandic Umeå Syd Umea, Sweden 10000
Scandic Uppsala Nord Uppsala, Sweden 10000
Scandic Uplandia Uppsala, Sweden 20000
Scandic Värnamo Varnamo, Sweden 25000
Scandic Västerås Vasteras, Sweden 20000
Scandic Växjö Vaxjo, Sweden 20000
Scandic Visby Visby, Sweden 30000
Scandic Gdansk Gdansk, Poland 25000
Scandic Wroclaw Wroclaw, Poland 25000
Scandic Ålesund Alesund, Norway 25000
Scandic Parken Alesund, Norway 30000
Scandic Scandinavie Alesund, Norway 20000
Scandic Alta Alta, Norway 30000
Hotel Norge by Scandic Bergen, Norway 0
Scandic Flesland Airport Bergen, Norway 25000
Scandic Bergen Airport Bergen, Norway 25000
Scandic Bergen City Bergen, Norway 25000
Scandic Ørnen Bergen, Norway 30000
Scandic Byparken Bergen, Norway 25000
Scandic Strand Bergen, Norway 25000
Scandic Neptun Bergen, Norway 25000
Scandic Bodø Bodo, Norway 20000
Scandic Havet Bodo, Norway 30000
Scandic Ambassadeur Drammen Drammen, Norway 30000
Scandic Park Drammen Drammen, Norway 20000
Scandic Central Elverum Elverum, Norway 20000
Scandic Elgstua Elverum, Norway 20000
Scandic Valdres Fagernes, Norway 25000
Scandic Fauske Fauske, Norway 10000
Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa Forde, Norway 20000
Scandic City Fredrikstad, Norway 20000
Scandic Grimstad Grimstad, Norway 10000
Scandic Hamar Hamar, Norway 20000
Scandic Ringsaker Hamar, Norway 10000
Scandic Hammerfest Hammerfest, Norway 25000
Scandic Harstad Harstad, Norway 20000
Scandic Haugesund Haugesund, Norway 20000
Scandic Maritim Haugesund, Norway 30000
Scandic Bryggen Honningsvag, Norway 25000
Scandic Nordkapp Honningsvag, Norway 30000
Scandic Honningsvåg Honningsvag, Norway 30000
Scandic Karasjok Karasjok, Norway 25000
Scandic Kirkenes Kirkenes, Norway 20000
Scandic Sørlandet Kristiansand, Norway 20000
Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda Kristiansand, Norway 30000
Scandic Kristiansund Kristiansund, Norway 25000
Scandic Lillehammer Hotel Lillehammer, Norway 30000
Scandic Hafjell Lillehammer, Norway 20000
Scandic Victoria Lillehammer Lillehammer, Norway 20000
Scandic Leknes Lofoten Lofoten, Norway 25000
Scandic Svolvær Lofoten, Norway 25000
Scandic Meyergården Mo i Rana, Norway 20000
Scandic Seilet Molde, Norway 25000
Scandic Rock City Namsos, Norway 20000
Scandic Narvik Narvik, Norway 20000
Scandic Nordfjord Nordfjordeid, Norway 20000
Grand Hotel Oslo by Scandic Oslo, Norway 75000
Scandic Karl Johan Oslo, Norway 30000
Scandic Grensen Oslo, Norway 20000
Scandic St. Olavs plass Oslo, Norway 25000
Scandic Lillestrom Oslo, Norway 20000
Scandic Oslo City Oslo, Norway 30000
Scandic Vulkan Oslo, Norway 40000
Scandic Victoria Oslo Oslo, Norway 40000
Scandic Solli Oslo, Norway 30000
Scandic Sjølyst Oslo, Norway 20000
Scandic Oslo Airport Oslo, Norway 20000
Scandic Holmenkollen Park Oslo, Norway 30000
Scandic Holberg Oslo, Norway 20000
Scandic Helsfyr Oslo, Norway 20000
Scandic Gardermoen Oslo, Norway 10000
Scandic Fornebu Oslo, Norway 30000
Scandic Byporten Oslo, Norway 30000
Scandic Asker Oslo, Norway 10000
Olympiatoppen Sportshotel, part of Scandic Oslo, Norway 10000
Scandic Park Sandefjord Sandefjord, Norway 10000
Scandic Syv Søstre Sandnessjoen, Norway 20000
Scandic Sarpsborg Sarpsborg, Norway 10000
Scandic Stavanger Park Stavanger, Norway 40000
Scandic Stavanger Forus Stavanger, Norway 30000
Scandic Stavanger City Stavanger, Norway 30000
Scandic Stavanger Airport Stavanger, Norway 40000
Scandic Forum Stavanger, Norway 10000
Scandic Havna Tjøme Tjome, Norway 25000
Scandic Ishavshotel Tromso, Norway 30000
Scandic Grand Tromsø Tromso, Norway 25000
Scandic Stiklestad Trondheim, Norway 20000
Scandic Solsiden Trondheim, Norway 25000
Scandic Nidelven Trondheim, Norway 40000
Scandic Lerkendal Trondheim, Norway 25000
Scandic Hell Trondheim, Norway 20000
Scandic Bakklandet Trondheim, Norway 30000
Scandic Vadsø Vadso, Norway 25000
Scandic Berlin Kurfürstendamm Berlin, Germany 40000
Scandic Berlin Potsdamer Platz Berlin, Germany 40000
Scandic Frankfurt Museumsufer Frankfurt, Germany 40000
Scandic Hamburg Emporio Hamburg, Germany 40000
Scandic Espoo Espoo, Finland 20000
Scandic Forssa Forssa, Finland 20000
Scandic Aulanko Hämeenlinna, Finland 30000
Scandic Helsinki Aviapolis Helsinki, Finland 20000
Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress Helsinki, Finland 20000
Scandic Simonkenttä Helsinki, Finland 30000
Scandic Park Helsinki Helsinki, Finland 25000
Scandic Paasi Helsinki, Finland 25000
Scandic Grand Marina Helsinki, Finland 20000
Scandic Helsinki Airport Helsinki, Finland 30000
Scandic Meilahti Helsinki, Finland 20000
Scandic Kaisaniemi Helsinki, Finland 25000
Scandic Hakaniemi Helsinki, Finland 20000
Scandic Imatran Valtionhotelli Imatra, Finland 20000
Scandic Järvenpää Jarvenpaa, Finland 10000
Scandic Joensuu Joensuu, Finland 20000
Scandic Jyväskylä Jyväskylä, Finland 20000
Scandic Kajanus Kajaani, Finland 20000
Scandic Kouvola Kouvola, Finland 10000
Scandic Atlas Kuopio, Finland 30000
Scandic Kuopio Kuopio, Finland 25000
Scandic Lahti Lahti, Finland 10000
Scandic Patria Lappeenranta, Finland 25000
Scandic Mikkeli Mikkeli, Finland 20000
Scandic Oulu Oulu, Finland 25000
Scandic Pori Pori, Finland 20000
Scandic Riihimäki Riihimaki, Finland 10000
Scandic Rovaniemi Rovaniemi, Finland 25000
Scandic Rukahovi Ruka Kuusamo, Finland 20000
Scandic Tampere Station Tampere, Finland 30000
Scandic Tampere City Tampere, Finland 25000
Scandic Rosendahl Tampere, Finland 20000
Scandic Tampere Hämeenpuisto Tampere, Finland 20000
Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto Tampere, Finland 25000
Scandic Plaza Turku Turku, Finland 25000
Scandic Julia Turku, Finland 30000
Scandic Vaasa Vaasa, Finland 25000
Scandic Aalborg City Aalborg, Denmark 30000
Scandic Aalborg Øst Aalborg, Denmark 20000
Scandic The Mayor Aarhus, Denmark 30000
Scandic Aarhus City Aarhus, Denmark 40000
Scandic Aarhus Vest Aarhus, Denmark 20000
Scandic Sluseholmen Copenhagen, Denmark 20000
Scandic Webers Copenhagen, Denmark 30000
Scandic Sydhavnen Copenhagen, Denmark 20000
Scandic Palace Hotel Copenhagen, Denmark 40000
Scandic Hvidovre Copenhagen, Denmark 20000
Scandic Glostrup Copenhagen, Denmark 20000
Scandic Front Copenhagen, Denmark 30000
Scandic Eremitage Copenhagen, Denmark 20000
Scandic Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark 30000
Scandic Kødbyen Copenhagen, Denmark 0
Scandic Falkoner Copenhagen, Denmark 0
Scandic Olympic Esbjerg, Denmark 20000
Scandic The Reef Frederikshavn, Denmark 30000
Scandic Regina Herning, Denmark 10000
Scandic Bygholm Park Horsens, Denmark 20000
Scandic Kolding Kolding, Denmark 20000
Scandic Odense Odense, Denmark 10000
Scandic Ringsted Ringsted, Denmark 20000
Scandic Roskilde Roskilde, Denmark 20000
Scandic Silkeborg Silkeborg, Denmark 20000
Scandic Sønderborg Sønderborg, Denmark 20000
Scandic Jacob Gade Vejle, Denmark 25000