How to find the best hotel room

All our hotels have different room types to stay in. Spacious rooms, small rooms, rooms without a window, rooms on the upper floors and rooms below ground level. Here are our 3 simple tips for finding the best hotel room for you.

3 tips - Finding your favorite room

1. Read up and do your research

Always find out about the different room types offered by the hotel. Do this online before you make your booking. Look at pictures and read about what’s included with the different rooms. That way it’s much easier to get an idea of which room suits you best.

2. The location of the room may be decisive

Even if you have your heart set on a certain type of room, that room may be available in several different locations at the hotel. On the 7th floor, close to the lift, or with a window facing a courtyard? Give it a little extra thought and talk to reception for guidance.

3. Ask for the same room again

Found your favorite room? Tell the hotel before you check out and ask them to remember it for your next stay. If our staff know that your favorite room is no. 325, it’s likely you’ll get the same room the next time you stay.