Accessibility training

Our aim is for everyone to feel welcome at Scandic, whether you have a disability, have a broken leg, have impaired hearing, use a wheelchair or for other reasons need a little extra consideration. That means we welcome everyone with the same friendly smile and provide an environment that helps our guest whatever help and solutions they need.

Did you know

Interview with our Accessibility Director

Magnus Berglund, Accessibility director at Scandic, once worked as a chef at a Scandic hotel but was contracted with rheumatic disease in 1999. In 2002 when Magnus planned to travel, he couldn’t find any hotels that had information about how to help guests with special needs. He came up with an idea and showed Scandic how we could attract more guests by starting to work with accessibility.

Find out more about Magnus story and our work:

Let us brag a bit

Today, we are the first hotel chain in the world to offer detailed disability information on every single hotel on our website. During the years, the work Scandic has done regarding accessibility has been recognized in several ways.

See our film that shows more on what we are proud of.