Marco Pellanda

The walls of our Master Suites 806 and 812 are adorned by Marco Pellanda's beautiful photographies. The images show gates that can be found in the city center of Hamburg and shimmer with metallic gloss.


Marco Pellanda was born in 1955 and grew up in an extraordinary and creative family community. At mid-twenties Pellanda became an independent fashion photographer. From 1985 onwards the furniture industry was his main artistic interest: 84 individual pieces of design and one furniture manufacture were created. Next to that, Pellanda continues to work as a photographer and works with still life, landscape and food photography and develops various cookbooks. Finally the photographer finds a new direction: art photography. Today Marco Pellanda is an artist. Installations, fine art and photographic realization form the basis of his current work, which is characterized by the idea of silver gelatin, positive lighting and adaptation to the new media productions.

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