ART Rooms – Art in Hamburg

Art in the Scandic Hamburg Emporio in cooperation with Millerntor Gallery

Many unique concepts are waiting to be discovered at Scandic Hamburg Emporio. The hotel’s design was inspired by the theme of ‘water’, and creates a link with the Hanseatic city, also closely associated with water. The Scandic brand is already well known for its sustainability, and our hotel in Hamburg continues this association with water in the form of art. The rooms on the new ART floor of Millerntor Gallery are designed individually by artists and reflect their own individual interpretation of the theme of water. In addition, the art also has a sustainability theme: The pictures in the gallery and in the rooms can also be purchased as prints and half of the proceeds of sale will be donated to the Hamburg organisation Viva con Agua, which supports projects providing wells and clean drinking water in third world countries.

Art can be viewed throughout our hotel since it offers young artists, who would otherwise only have limited exhibition space, the opportunity to exhibit their work, with wall space up to 6 m high available to them. Find out here which artists are currently exhibiting at Scandic Hamburg Emporio.

14 rooms, 14 artists – the ART Rooms in Hamburg:

Julia Benz

“A painting begins once the brush touches the canvas, not with an idea,” says Julia Benz about her work. Her pictures are sometimes representational but often abstract. Her figures are neither moral nor practical message-bearers, but rather pictures of fun. “When we travel nowadays we are overwhelmed by fake realities. I find simple moments stimulating and deep. I’m happy to place the banal centre stage in my pictures, because it is this that is actually wonderful,” she explains. Julia Benz studied painting at the University of Arts in Düsseldorf. She is currently working and studying in Berlin at the University of Arts.


1010 lives and works in Hamburg. His art revolves around language, signs and symbols, and deals with the mechanics of our perception and the structures of our society. In his works on paper, he consciously adopts an aesthetic of beauty in order to draw the observer’s attention to critical themes. He cleverly entices the eye past gently balanced nuances of colour down into the illusory depths of a black abyss. 1010 is a conceptualist. His art is far from self-explanatory. It is based on a well-devised system that has continued to develop over the years. This is reflected in his murals, paintings, and his works on paper.


Minimalist and complex. Since the late 90s, Nelio has been developing a universe that is rich in contrasts between the figurative and the abstract. As an autodidact, he began to translate his interest in graphic design, illustration and architecture into his own works and at the same time collected artistic inspiration from his numerous travels and collaborations with other artists, which influence his present work. Spray paint and often objects that he has collected, such as pieces of wood, help him to decorate public spaces with murals and installations. He uses clear, geometrical shapes, letters and even parts of faces. His powerful art works offer a playful representation of the world.

Nils Kasiske

Nils Kasiske is a sculptor, painter and illustrator. Representations of tragic contents are often given a certain comical twist by Kasiske. Filigree drawings of chubby birdmen show for example a dying Jimi Hendrix or the dead body of Andreas Baader. A further bird represents Liliane Bettencourt’s fund manager at his desk, who slashed his wrists at the height of the financial crisis. He has gained attention in recent times with his small realistic sculptures and continues his songbird cycle with works made in wood.


strassenkoeter is a social art project from Hamburg, St. Pauli, initiated by Thomas Koch and Michael Fritz. strassenkoeter is a committed Viva con Agua supporter and has been involved since the start of Millerntor Gallery. In the past few years, the Köter have made up the broad spectrum of their art with diverse series of close-up portraits, screen prints, football photos, etc. strassenkoeter is also happy to cast the spotlight on current topics and to illustrate them from a critical perspective.


Where rubbish (Brazilian: lixo) is transformed to luxury (Brazilian: luxo) – this is what lies at the heart of Zezao’s work. His roots lie in graffiti from the 90s and his blue abstract handwriting is unmistakable. It derived from the painting of the word vicio – vice. He polarises the critical dialogue between depth and superficiality and illustrates political and social aspects in order to sensitise people to topics such as recycling and sustainability. With delicate forms and shades of colour, he submerges himself in a chaotic underworld, penetrates a subterranean world and breathes life into its rough walls with his tender, iridescent blue patterns.


ANPU (Anpu Varju). A nomad who is addicted to altitude, time travel and bleak, dull landscapes. “I have been painting in large format for more than a decade. My painting moves from canvas and paper to walls, facades and pavements. The topics that I have dealt with are varied and situation-dependent, but the playfulness of my companions, my cats, is immortalised in many of them throughout India. I live and work in Delhi and have helped organise different street art projects in different states in India.”

John Drypnz

John Drypnz, aka Jonathan Alexanders Kennedy, has been concentrating on murals since 2005. His wall paintings and public ‘interventions’ have enabled the current development of his studio work. John Drypnz works in a multi-disciplinary fashion, where the focus is on painting. His environment has an effect on the discovery of surfaces and media. It is the culmination and acceptance of every aspect of his past, and the understanding of his current environment that help him to define the actual direction of his work.

Paul Ripke

Paul Ripke, born in 1981, is the son of a GP and grew up in Heidelberg. His father, an enthusiastic amateur photographer, passed on his experience to his son on their joint holidays together. Following initial unpaid commissions primarily from the hip-hop scene, open-aperture travel reports form the focus of his work. For example, Ripke documents the trip he took around the world together with Marteria. In addition, he was appointed photographer for the German national football squad for the 2014 World Cup.


Mallence Bart-Williams was born in Cologne. Due to her German and Sierra Leonean roots, she sees herself as a bridge linking two completely different worlds. Her multi-faceted background enables her to approach current problems with creative solutions. During the three years she has been working, her collective has taken homeless children off the streets and put them in schools, designed a collection of trainers and a fashion line, published a book and a documentary of her story, and organised art exhibitions. In her work with FOLORUNSHO, she combines cultural contrasts by enabling people to exchange thoughts, to act and achieve results.

Bobbie Serrano

Bobbie Serrano is an illustrator, artist and founder member of the artist collective Der6teLachs. His works are characterised thematically as much by man and animal as by his desire to always collect new experiences and try out new techniques. As a qualified social worker, he engages with social problems and explores his existence in society, as well as the problem of interpersonal relationships, by means of a simple and reduced style in his ‘Birds’. He also collaborates with partners in the music, fashion and media worlds, and supports Viva con Agua and artists at Millerntor Gallery.

Christian Rothenhagen

If you want to learn something about Christian Rothenhagen, you are best advised to ask the devotees of his art, those who exhibit his art or artists who work with him. What you see first of all is urban art, architecture that is made visible through Rothenhagen’s use of fineliners, marker pens, glue, cardboard, paper, MDF and even wood. But he shows far more than just an image of the street characteristics of Berlin or San Francisco. The city is our life core, the place where life begins. Rothenhagen depicts it sometimes with fine filigree lightness, other times with striking vividness, bringing all the facets of the metropolis to life, with the effect that the observer feels a part of this city that seduces souls, robs and loves. Irrespective of where his works are displayed, they create a sense of immediate proximity. It almost seems as if you are directly in the city on the Spree or looking at the Golden Gate Bridge.


Osca is a contemporary artist. His work deals with the interdisciplinary methodologies between art and theatre as well as the intervention of public spaces. Inspired by the performative aspect of architecture and the critical and narrative impulses of literature and philosophy, he searches for the experience of poetic moments in his everyday life. Osca’s collaborative work is born from the connection between political and artistic initiatives that question the current ideologies of power and exchange experiences of survival.

Case Maclaim

Case is the artistic name of Andreas von Chrzanowski, an artist on the German graffiti scene who grew up in East Germany. He began painting with aerosols in 1995 and uses this medium to paint portraits and photorealistic pictures and bodies, which he frees from their usual environment. This enables him to replace the traditional image of beauty with contentious pictures. One of the most incisive aspects of his work is the texture of the surfaces that he uses. In general, he uses the cardboard packaging materials for the aerosols, which are held together with glue, staples and adhesive tape. Sometimes even small parts, staples and adhesive tape are bonded together. Sometimes small parts and pieces of wood are stuck to the surface. It is the diametrically opposed structure of these perfectly executed pictures that gives Case’s works their unique character.

The Gallery on the ART Floor:

Currently: Florian Weber

Florian Weber, drummer with the rock band Sportfreunde Stiller, modelled, painted, drew, worked with wood and created a review of songs for their current album ‘New York, Rio, Rosenheim’. Every song on the album has its own small art work that explores the lyrics of the song, the nascent emotions deriving from this, and the metamorphosis of sound into image. Quasi is an artistic reworking of what moves him in musical terms, captures his feelings, evokes images in him – from New York to Rosenheim via Rio. A painted chair, a divergent traffic sign, explosions of colour on wood, sawn-off drumsticks, tattoos in oil, a leather jacket from a notorious moped gang, a hundred-year-old window frame and words – everything! From ‘Hymne auf Dich’ to ‘Wunder fragen nicht!’


MILLERNTOR GALLERY is held in the football stadium of FC St. Pauli every year and is an international festival for urban art, music and culture. The event was initiated as a cooperation between FC Sankt Pauli and Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V., a charitable association whose aim is to provide clean drinking water to everyone in the world. Under the motto ‘Art Creates Water’, MILLERNTOR GALLERY wants to increase sensitisation to the global drinking water situation via cultural means as well as to highlight the situation regarding sanitary facilities and hygiene in developing countries in order to awaken a sense of social responsibility in the visitors to its exhibitions. The acronym WASH (Water, Art, Sanitation and Hygiene) highlights this aim. The majority of the revenues generated by the sale of the art works will be donated by the artists to help further the work of Viva con Agua.