Booking agent price at Scandic

As a Scandic booking agent you receive a discount when you stay with us. All that’s needed to access these prices is a Scandic card. In addition, the card takes you directly to Level 2 membership level in our frequent guest programme. You can then book your room quickly and easily on our website.

Don't want to miss your agent discount, do you?

As a Scandic booking agent you are entitled to a Scandic card. The card entitles you to a discount when you stay with us. You'll also go directly to Level 2 membership level in our frequent guest programme, where you can enjoy better benefits. If you're already a Scandic Friends member, you don’t need to sign up again in order to receive the agent discount. Stays at agent prices are not eligible for points or nights towards a higher membership level.
We look forward to having you as our guest, and we hope you enjoy your stay at our hotel.

Apply for a Scandic card

Click on ‘Join’ and enter your contact information. You will receive your membership number which you then enter every time you book a room with us. You'll be on Level 2 within 48 hours. The card will be sent to you within 2 weeks.

Already a Scandic Friends member?

If you're already a member of our frequent guest programme, select ‘Already a member’ and enter your membership number and password. Then click ‘Activate’. Your membership will be upgraded to Level 2 within 48 hours if you're on a level lower than Level 2.

Discount rules for booking agents

  • At check-in you must be able to show proof of your Scandic Friends membership*, ID, and also confirm that you are a booking agent for Scandic.
  • Online bookings only.
  • For a booking code, get in touch with the Scandic contact at your company.
  • Book 5 weeks before arrival at the earliest
  • The discount applies subject to availability.
  • Breakfast buffet and VAT are included in the price
  • Valid for you, your partner (same address) and your children.
  • Payment due on arrival
  • If you're unable to prove that you are a booking agent for Scandic, we will charge our best available price upon your arrival at our hotel.

Want to come on a viewing?

Contact our staff in advance and we’ll book a tailor-made viewing of our hotel.

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