It starts at Level 1

From day one you'll get the best prices when booking with us, exclusive membership offers and partner deals. And it just gets better from here.

Best prices for you 

Members always get the best prices on our public rates and offers. It's easy to book, just enter our booking and your member prices will show. Make sure to be logged in to your profile to take part of your member prices.


Enjoy a nice weekend breakfast, brunch or dinner. Even if you just visit our hotels without staying you’ll get 10% off on food, Friday to Sunday. This includes our restaurants, shops, and cafés at all our destinations. Be up to 6 people in your party.

The offer cannot be combined with other deals and offer. Don’t forget to show your digital membership card or provide the staff with your membership number.


Stay more and get to stay even longer. You can spend your points on reward nights at our hotels. How many points you need is depends on which hotel you choose. Availability of reward nights and how many points you need is regulated by our hotels and the category. If you cancel your booking the points will be returned to you. But if you use points that will expire before arrival and cancel, these points will still expire. Also, if you don’t show up the points will be spent.

On our web you can also book a reward night with a partial payment, meaning you don't need to reach the needed point amount to book a reward night.

Give away a reward night
You can always give one of your reward nights to someone else. To do so you need to call our member service, you can not book a reward night for someone else through our web our app. 

Member service: +46 (8) 517 517 20


Spend and earn in more ways. We’ve extended our network with great collaborations. Take part in exclusive offers and deals from our unique partners.


More points are just a click away. If you book your stay on our web, you will get 200 bonus points per night for spending. This also applies when you book a reward night or give a reward night to someone.