Scandic Friends Terms & Conditions

  1. General provisions regarding the membership
  2. Earning of Points
  3. Scandic Partners
  4. Use of points
  5. Reach a membership level
  6. Processing of personal data
  7. Other provisions

1. General provisions regarding the membership

1.1 Minimum age for membership in the Scandic guest reward program (hereinafter referred to as "Scandic Friends") is 18 years. The membership in Scandic Friends is a contractual arrangement between Scandic Hotels AB, (org. nr. 556299-1009) a Swedish limited company with its registered office at Sveavägen 167, 102 33 Stockholm, Sweden (hereinafter referred to as "Scandic") and you, personally (hereinafter referred to as the "Member"). Membership and the membership card may not be granted to companies or any other legal entities. Only one individual per membership may be registered. Only one Member per checked in the room can earn points and qualifying nights and receive benefits during a stay. 

1.2 The participation of Scandic Friends will be governed by these Terms & Conditions, and it is the responsibility of the Member to read and understand all the Terms & Conditions, inclusive of any amendments thereto. These Terms & Conditions shall replace all previous terms and conditions for any Scandic loyalty program. 

1.3 The Member undertakes to ensure that no unauthorized person gets access to the Member’s membership card, membership number and/or password.

1.4 Scandic Reservation and Customer Service must be contacted immediately in writing if your membership card is lost or if your contact details have changed. Scandic will not be liable for any failure to inform the Member if correct contact information has not been provided.

1.5 Scandic Friends is valid until further notice, and Scandic reserves the right to terminate Scandic Friends by giving six months' notice to the Member. 

1.6 Scandic reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions of Scandic Friends by giving notice to the Member via at least one of Scandic Friends information channels, i.e. via the website, e-mail, text messages or ordinary mail. Scandic will use all reasonable efforts to advise changes to these Terms & Conditions well in advance, but will not be held liable in any way for any failure to do so. 

1.7 Scandic reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, terminate a membership in Scandic Friends, and such termination can include forfeiture of points, in case the membership is misused. Such misuse may e.g. consist of unruly or disrespectful behavior towards Scandic or its partners, criminal acts or acts that are generally regarded as immoral or unethical or which are in breach of these Terms & Conditions. The Member may at any time terminate the membership by sending an e-mail to Scandic Reservation and Customer Service on

1.8 It is the responsibility of the Member to inform his/her employer in advance, and to obtain employer's prior consent if such consent is required when he/she expects to earn points in Scandic Friends based on points generating expenses paid for by the employer. Points earned during or in connection with business travel, e.g. when hotel nights are paid for by the employer, may not be used for private purposes without the employer's prior consent. Under any circumstance, Scandic cannot be held liable in any way for any failure by the Member to inform and/or obtain employer's consent.

1.9 In case points earned in connection with the employment are used for private purposes by the Member, such use may, in some jurisdictions, in any country where Scandic is operating, be subject to income tax or other taxes. It is the obligation of the Member to inform the employer and/or relevant authorities hereof and pay all applicable taxes and fees in relation to such use. Scandic disclaims any liability whatsoever with respect to taxes or tax obligations imposed on the Member in this regard. 

1.10 Scandic point earnings and redemption are void where prohibited or restricted by local law.

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2. Earning of Points

2.1 Points and qualifying nights (See 2.5) can be earned from the date of registration with Scandic Friends.

2.2 A Member earns bonus points booking on our web, or via selected partners. A Member can spend bonus points, but these points don’t count towards a higher level.

2.3 A Member earns base points on qualifying nights (See item 2.5), on food and beverages, and on internal hotel extras, put on the room bill. Base points will count for a higher membership level and can be used for spending. Even if a Member spends his/her base points, they will count towards a higher level during their validity period (Se 5.1). In order to earn base points, the Member must state a personal membership number at the time of booking, as well as confirm membership upon arrival at the Scandic hotel. Base points are only given to one Scandic Friends member per room, and the points are only valid for one room per point qualifying night, (see item 2.5).

2.4 Base points are calculated on the monetary value and on the member’s current membership level (See table 1), after discounts and vouchers, and excluding VAT. In order to calculate the number of points a Member has earned, the total sum (see 2.3) spent during a qualified stay is multiplied by the factors listed in table 1. Example: If a Level 1 Member has a total spending of SEK 1000, this sum is multiplied by 2, which gives 2 000 points.

Level 1 20 2 2 2 6
Level 2 20 2 2 2 6
Level 3 25 2,5 2,5 2,5 7,5
Top Level 25 2,5 2,5 2,5 7,5


2.5 A “qualifying night” or “point qualifying night” means that the Member earns nights (as well as base points) that count towards a higher membership level and other member benefits connected to the stay. Most stays that are booked on the Scandic web/app, directly at a Scandic hotel, via Scandic’s reservations and member service, or via selected web-based business travel agencies – are considered qualifying. The member must be registered as a staying guest at the hotel to earn qualifying nights, as well as base points.

2.6 A qualifying night entitles the Member different amounts of base points, depending on which level the Member currently holds (See table 1).

2.7 Stays that are booked through a third party website (e.g. or or through a travel organizers, will not result in qualifying nights or other member benefits connected to the stay.

Members staying on a group booking, made according to the rules for a point qualifying night* earn, with some exceptions, one night (which counts towards a higher membership level) and a fixed amount of 2000 bonus points per night. In addition to this, the members will not be able to credit points, for example on food and beverages.

2.9 Members are only entitled to benefits connected to their membership level when booking a qualifying night (see item 2.5).

2.10 Base points are not received if a booking is cancelled due to reasons that Scandic or/and a Scandic partner cannot affect.

2.11 Scandic Friends’ base- and bonus points earned by a Member cannot be combined with, nor be transferred to other membership accounts. Points cannot be sold, inherited, transferred or in any way change proprietor for payment. 

2.12 A Member earns base points on purchases in hotel shops, internal hotel extras, food and drinks, up to EUR 500/DKK 5 000/NOK 5 000/PLN 150/ SEK 5 000 per stay, that are put on the room bill. A Member can also pay for other guests as long as the bill is put on the room.

2.13 It can take up to 10 days after check-out until the points are registered on the member’s account. If an incorrect amount of points is given to a Member, these can be removed by Scandic at any time.

2.14 The base points that count towards a new membership level are valid for climbing during a 12-month period, after which they will be added to the Member’s account of spending points. These spending points will then be available for another 24 months.

2.15 Base- and bonus points are valid for 36 months from the respective month of earnings. The points will be available to spend for 36 months before expiry. Points earned before 23 January 2018, are valid for 36 months, from 31 December, the year they were earned.

2.16 Members can find their point status at


5.1 A qualifying period is always 12 months. Qualifying nights/base points earned during this 12 month period will determine if the level can be maintained or will be changed. For an upgrade, the evaluation is done on business days. For downgrade or renewal of current level, the evaluation is done on the first business day of a month. Whenever a Member changes level (up or down), a new qualifying 12-month evaluation period begins.

5.2 New Scandic Friends Members start at Level 1 (the first level). The membership level upgrade takes place when the Member has a certain amount of qualifying nights (see 2.4), or the number of qualifying points (base points, see item 2.3) that are required to reach the new level, registered on his or her Scandic account. The upgrade will not take place during a stay. It can take up to 10 days after checking out before the points and/or nights are registered at the Scandic account, and the new level can be reached.

5.3 Level 2

Scandic Friends Level 2 is given to Members with at least 5 qualifying nights, or 12 000 qualifying points (base points), during a sustained period of 12 months.

5.4 Level 3

Scandic Friends Level 3 is given to Members with at least 15 qualifying nights, or 37 000 qualifying points (base points), during a sustained period of 12 months.

5.5 Top Level

Scandic Friends Top Level is given to Members with at least 45 qualifying nights, or 150 000 qualifying points (base points), during a sustained period of 12 months.

5.6 Red Level

 Information on how to reach Red Level is not official.

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Top Level
Nights 0 5 15 45
Points 0 12 000 37 000 150 000


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6. Processing OF PERSONAL DATA

6.1 To be a Member of Scandic Friends requires the processing of your personal data as described in these terms and conditions and Scandic’s Privacy Policy. Scandic is the controller of the processing of the Member’s personal data in Scandic Friends.

6.2 Scandic recommends that the Member reviews the Privacy Policy on a regular basis to understand how and for what purposes Scandic processes the Member’s personal data for the purpose of providing a membership, as well as the Members rights connected to such processing. We will notify the Member of changes in the Privacy Policy  and the new terms and conditions will be published on Scandic's websites.

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7. Other provisions

7.1 Scandic's liability for damages is limited to direct damages caused in relation to the use of points in Scandic hotels only, and only in relation to the Member. As regards the use of points for services provided by Scandic Partners, the conditions of the relevant Partner programme apply.

7.2 Local deviations to the membership conditions may apply based on mandatory legislation in the relevant country.

7.3 These Terms & Conditions are governed by and are to be construed under the laws of Sweden, save for mandatory statutory provisions under laws of other countries. Any dispute arising from or relating to the Scandic Programme shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Swedish courts. 

7.4 In case of inquiries regarding the Scandic Programme, please contact Scandic Reservation and Customer Service.

7.5 Scandic Reservations and Customer Service contact information:

Sweden: +46 8 517 517 00

Norway: +47 23 15 50 00

Denmark: +45 33 48 04 00

Finland: +358 200 81800 (charges apply: 0,65€/min + local/min

Outside Nordic region: +46 8 517 517 20

Please see for the email address and mailing address to Scandic Reservations and Customer service offices.

7.6 Scandic makes reservations for typographic errors.