How to earn

How many points you earn is connected to how much you spend and your member level. The higher the level the more you earn, and you can earn points in several ways. To earn points during a stay you need to book a point-qualifying stay


Base points will make you climb to the next level. But you can also spend them. You earn base points during point-qualifying nights. But also food and beverage and hotel extras you put on your room during your stay.

This is how it works: as a Level 1 and a Level 2 member, you will earn 20 base points for every  EUR 1 excl. VAT you spend. The higher the level the higher earning rate. If you’re a Level 3 or Top Level you will earn 25 times the EUR 1. See the table below for the different currencies.



20 x EUR 100
= 2000 base points
20 x EUR 100
= 2000 base points
25x EUR 100 
= 2500 base points
25x EUR 100 
= 2500 base points


20x 20x 25x 25x  


 2x  2x




2x 2x 2,5x 2,5x   


2x  2x 2,5x 2,5x     


6x  6x 7,5.x  7,5x

Earn while you sleep

You will, of course, earn points just by staying a point qualifying night with us, how much points you earn depends on which level you're on and how much the room cost.

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Earn while you eat

When you eat and drink at our restaurants or buy a snack in the shop during a point qualifying stay you can earn points. Just put the bill on your room and your spendings will be converted into points. The points you earn are always based on the amount you spend excl. VAT. The limit to your point earning is – 5000 SEK/NOK/DKK, 150 PLN or 500 € per night and you get points according to the conversion table. The amount of points you earn is calculated on your spendings excl. VAT.

Hotel extras

When you book on our web you can earn points by adding a snack or something to drink in your room during your booking. And don't forget that you always get a better deal when booking on our web. 

bonus points

Bonus points are our way of treating our members a bit extra. You earn the points when you join, book or engage in selected activities. You can spend bonus points in the same way as base points, but they will not make you climb to the next level.

Online booking bonus

More points are just a click away. If you book your stay on our web, you will get bonus points to spend.


Online bonus points per night and level
when booking on our web or app


200 points 230 points 250 points 300 points