Order a membership card

To make your wallet lighter we have a digital memberhsip card, easy for you to access wherever you are from your smartphone or tablet.

Where do I find my digital membership card

Your digital card is easy to access and save to your smartphone or tablet. You find the digital card:

  • In all Scandic Friends emails; click on the link 'Digital membership card' in the bottom area
  • Find it on My pages
  • Scandic app

I still like to have a non-digital card

If you need a card you can, of course, order one. Just fill in the form below. If you stay with us before you receive your card, just bring your membership number or the digital card to get your benefits.

Please note, it will take up to 3 weeks until you receive the card. We do not have a card for Level 1 members, please use the digital membership card.

Please note that we do not have a card for our Level 1 members. You will receive your benefits and points by quoting your membership number. If you don’t know your membership number, check an email from Scandic Friends or contact our member service by e-mail on member@scandichotels.com or phone: +46 8 517 517 20.