Scandic Friends Terms & Conditions

  1. General rules for membership
  2. Earn points
  3. Scandic partners
  4. Use points
  5. Scandic Go
  6. Achieve a membership level
  7. Processing of personal data
  8. Additional Terms and Conditions 

1. General rules for membership

1.1 The minimum age for membership in Scandic's guest bonus programme (hereinafter referred to as "Scandic Friends ") is 18 years. A membership in Scandic Friends is an agreement between Scandic Hotels Holding AB (Reg. no. 556723-5725) a Swedish company with registered offices at Sveavägen 167, 102 33 Stockholm, Sweden (hereinafter referred to as "Scandic") and you personally (hereinafter referred to as "Member"). Membership and membership cards cannot be issued to companies or other legal entities. Only one natural person per membership can be registered. Only one Member per checked-in room can earn points as well as a qualifying night and receive benefits during a stay.

1.2 Participation in Scandic Friends is governed by these terms and conditions, and it is the member’s responsibility to read and understand all terms and conditions, including any additions thereto. These terms and conditions replace all previous terms and conditions of previous frequent guest programmes at Scandic.

1.3 The Member undertakes to ensure that unauthorised persons do not have access to the membership card, membership number and/or password.

1.4 Scandic’s reservation and customer service must be contacted immediately in writing if the Member loses his/her membership card or if contact details change. Scandic is not liable if the Member is not informed due to the fact that correct contact information has not been provided.

1.5 Scandic Friends is valid until further notice, and Scandic reserves the right to terminate Scandic Friends by informing the Member about this six months in advance.

1.6 Scandic reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Scandic Friends by informing the member via at least one of Scandic Friends' information channels, i.e. via the website, email, SMS or regular mail. Scandic will make every effort to communicate changes to the terms and conditions in a timely manner but cannot in any way be held liable should this fail.

1.7 Scandic reserves the right, at its discretion, to terminate a membership in Scandic Friends if the membership is misused. Such termination can take place immediately and without notice according to 1.5, and cause any points to be forfeited. Such misuse may, for example, be disrespectful or unreasonable behaviour towards Scandic or its partners, criminal acts or actions that are considered immoral or unethical, or that violate these terms and conditions. The member can terminate their membership at any time by sending an email to Scandic’s reservation and customer service at

1.8 It is the responsibility of the member to inform his/her employer in advance and to obtain the employer's consent, if such consent is required, when he/she is expected to earn points in Scandic Friends on point-generating payments made by the employer. Points earned in connection with business travel, for example when hotel nights are paid by the employer, may not be used privately without the employer's prior approval. Under no circumstances is Scandic responsible for the Member informing or receiving approval from the employer. 

1.9  If the Member uses points earned in connection with a private service, such use may in certain countries, e.g. Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, be subject to income tax or other taxes. It is the Member’s obligation to inform the employer and/or relevant authorities thereof and to pay the appropriate tax for such use. Scandic disclaims all liability for any tax and tax liability imposed on the Member in this regard.

1.10 Earning and redemption of Scandic points is void where this is prohibited or restricted by local law.

1.11 Special rules regarding earning and spending points apply at Scandic Go hotels, see item 5.

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2. Earn points

2.1 Points and qualifying nights (See 2.5) can be earned from the date of registration for Scandic Friends membership.

2.2 The Member earns bonus points by booking online or through selected partners. The Member may spend bonus points, but these do not count towards a higher membership level.

2.3 The Member will earn standard points on qualifying nights (see 2.5), on food and beverages, and for the purchase of the hotel’s own products and services, which are included in the room bill. Standard points allow the Member to climb to the next membership level, known as Level. Even if the Member spends their standard points, they count towards a higher level. To earn points, the Member must provide his/her membership number at the time of reservation and show the membership card when checking in at the Scandic hotel. Standard points are only awarded to one Scandic Friends member per room, and for one room per point qualifying night (See 2.5).

2.4 Standard points are calculated on the monetary value and at the Member’s current membership level – Level (see Table 1), after discounts, vouchers deducted and excluding VAT. The sum of expenses (as per 2.3) during a qualifying stay is multiplied by the factors listed in Table 1 to calculate the number of points earned by the member. Example: If the total expenditure (e.g. VAT) is SEK 1,000, for a Level 1 member, the sum is multiplied by 2, which comes to 2,000 points.

Level 1 20 2 2 2 6
Level 2 20 2 2 2 6
Level 3 25 2.5 2.5 2.5 7.5
Top Level 25 2.5 2.5 2.5 7.5

2.5 A “qualifying night” or “points qualifying night” means that the Member earns nights and standard points that count towards a higher membership level – Level – as well as other membership rewards associated with the stay. Most hotel nights booked on Scandic’s website/app, either directly at a Scandic hotel, through Scandic’s reservation and customer service, or through selected web-based business travel agencies, are qualifying. The Member must be registered as a guest at a hotel to earn qualifying nights and standard points.

2.6 A qualifying night will give the Member a different number of standard points, depending on the membership level – Level – that the Member currently holds. (See Table 1)

2.7 Hotel nights booked through a third party (e.g. or, group bookings or through another travel organiser, are not considered as qualifying nights and do not provide membership rewards related to the stay.

Members staying through a group booking made in accordance with the rules of a points qualifying night* will be credited, with some exceptions, one night (which counts towards a higher membership level) and a fixed point total of 2,000 bonus points per night. Members will not receive credit for points beyond this, such as for food and beverages. 

2.8 Members are only entitled to benefits associated with their membership level – Level – when booking a qualifying night. (See 2.5).

Members staying through a group booking made in accordance with the rules of a points qualifying night* will be credited, with some exceptions, one night (which counts towards a higher membership level) and a fixed point total of 2,000 bonus points per night.

2.9 Standard points are not issued if a stay is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of Scandic or a Scandic partner.

2.10 Scandic points earned by the Member cannot be combined with, or transferred to, other member accounts. Points may not be sold, inherited, transferred, or otherwise exchanged for payment.

2.11 The Member earns standard points on purchases in the hotel shop, internal hotel services and products, on food and beverages, up to EUR 500/DKK 5, 000/NOK 5, 000/PLN 2 000/ SEK 5, 000 per stay added to the room bill. A Member may also pay for other guests as long as the bill is charged to the room.

2.12 It may take up to 10 days after check-out before the points are registered to the Member’s account. If points have been incorrectly given to a Scandic member account, these may be removed by Scandic afterwards.

2.13 Standard points, which count towards a higher membership level – Level – are valid for advancement over a 12-month period, then added to the Member’s account for spending points. These points are then valid for another 24 months.

2.14 Standard and bonus points are valid for spending for 36 months from each earning month. Points earned before 23 January, 2018 are valid for 36 months, starting 31 December of the year in which they were earned.

2.15 Members can view their account information at


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3. Scandic partners

3.1 In some cases, points may be earned and spent with Scandic partners depending on the terms and conditions of each respective partner. More information about our partners and benefits and offers can be found under the Scandic Friends partner pages.

3.2 A member of Scandic Friends cannot claim compensation for points or bonus benefits if the cooperation agreement has been changed between Scandic Friends and the partner company.

3.3 Rewards can only be used by the member personally. The Member must provide his/her personal Scandic Friends membership number in order to take advantage of partner offers. Scandic is not responsible for any consequence of unauthorised use of membership numbers.

3.4 Scandic cannot be held responsible for agreements made between a Member and a Scandic partner.

3.5 Earning of Partner Points is void where prohibited or restricted by local law.

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4. USE points

4.1 A Member can use points for internal hotel services and products, reward nights and at selected Scandic partners. The points cannot be used in combination with discounts, coupons or other offers, provided nothing else has been clearly stated.

4.2 A Member may pay for internal hotel services and products with points. For specific rules, read more at

4.3 A reward night is a hotel night that a Member can pay with points, or in part with points. Both standard and bonus points can be used to claim reward nights at a Scandic hotel.

4.4 Reward nights are subject to availability. Thus, room availability may be limited at select hotels during certain periods.

4.5 A Member cannot earn standard points on the portion of the reward night paid with points. However, the member can earn standard points on hotel expenses during the stay (See 2.3) and if anything has been paid in part with money.

4.6 A reward night counts towards a higher membership level, Level – when a Member’s total number of hotel nights is added up.

4.7 The member earns bonus points on reservations made on our website (See 2.2)

4.8 In order to book a reward night, the member must have sufficient points in his/her member account and present his/her membership number. Reward nights can only be booked through Scandic's own sales channels. Once a reward night has been booked, the corresponding points for the relevant hotel category will be deducted from the Member’s account. Learn more about the number of points required for a specific hotel at

4.9 The reward night must be booked by the Member and is valid for two people in a standard double room.

4.10 Reward nights can be booked 12 months before the arrival date. Points deducted from the Member’s account can be returned to the same account if the cancellation has been made according to Scandic’s cancellation terms, see the section “Use points” in the Membership Terms and Conditions. If a Member books with points that expire before arrival – and cancels – or rebooks – these points will expire. In the event of a no-show, the points will be considered consumed. See 4.11 for information about “Give away a reward night”.

4.11 A Member can give away a reward night and the reservation can be made via Scandic’s reservation and customer service. The reward night can be booked 12 months before the arrival date. The booking can be changed to a different date, but in the event of cancellation, no points will be refunded. In the event of a no-show, the points will be considered consumed. Reward nights may not be resold.

4.12 A Member may combine points and money to pay for a reward night. The portion paid with points does not generate standard points. The portion paid with money will generate new standard points. When a Member pays with a combination of points and money, no other offers, discounts, vouchers or combinations may be used. A so-called “part paid” reward night can be counted towards a higher membership level for the original points holder, when their total number of hotel nights is added up.

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5.1 For earning and using points at Scandic Go hotels, the following rules apply, which replace, in applicable parts, the above rules.

5.2 The member earns bonus points by booking a room on our website. The member earns standard points on qualifying nights (see 2.5).

5.3 The member does not earn bonus points for food and beverages, or for the purchase of the hotel's own products or services at Scandic Go hotels.

5.4 The Member can use bonus points to claim reward nights at Scandic Go hotels. However, the Member cannot use bonus points for anything other than this, e.g. bonus points cannot be used to purchase food and beverages.

5.5 No other rewards associated with the membership apply at Scandic Go hotels; for example, you do not receive a voucher or extra points instead of vouchers, for each night of your stay.

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6.1 A qualifying period is always 12 months. Qualifying nights/standard points earned during this 12-month period will determine if the Member remains on their level or if it changes. For upgrading, the evaluation is done on weekdays. For downgrading or renewal of the current level, the evaluation is done on the first weekday of the month. When a member changes Level (up or down), a new qualifying 12-month period begins.

6.2 New Members of the new Scandic Friends start at Level 1 (the first level). An upgrade of the membership level occurs when the member has the number of qualifying nights (See 2.4) or the number of qualifying points (standard points, see 2.3) required for this new level, registered to their Scandic account. Upgrades are not made during a stay. It may take up to 10 days after check-out before points and/or nights are registered to the Scandic account, and only then can the next level – Level – be reached.

6.3 Level 2

Scandic Friends Level 2 is awarded to members with at least 5 qualifying nights, or 12,000 qualifying points (standard points), during a continuous 12-month period.

6.4 Level 3

Scandic Friends Level 3 is awarded to members with at least 15 qualifying nights, or 37,000 qualifying points (standard points), during a continuous 12-month period.

6.5 Top level

Scandic Friends Top Level is awarded to members with at least 45 qualifying nights, or 150,000 qualifying points (standard points), during a continuous 12-month period.

6.6 Red Level

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Top Level
Nights 0 5 15 45
Points 0 12,000 37,000 150,000

Information on how a Member reaches the Red Level is not official.

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7.1 Being a member of Scandic Friends means that personal data is processed in the manner described in these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy. Scandic is the personal data controller for the processing of the Member's personal data in Scandic Friends.

7.2 Scandic recommends that the Member regularly reads the Privacy Policy to understand how Scandic processes the Member's personal data within the framework of the membership, as well as the Member's rights in connection with this. The Member will be notified of any changes to the Privacy Policy and the new terms and conditions will be published on Scandic’s websites.

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8.1 Should any provision of this Agreement prove to be legally invalid, or this Agreement otherwise be deemed incomplete, this shall not invalidate the Agreement as a whole. In such case, the parties shall replace the legally invalid or incomplete relationship with a provision that as far as possible corresponds to the parties' purpose of the contractual relationship.

8.2 Scandic's liability for damages is limited to direct damages caused in connection with the redemption of points in Scandic hotels, and only in relation to the Member. Regarding the use of points for services provided by Scandic partners, the terms of the relevant partner program apply.

8.3 Local deviations regarding membership may apply depending on mandatory legislation in the country in question.

8.4 These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with substantive Swedish law, in addition to mandatory legal provisions in the laws of other countries. Any disputes arising out of or relating to Scandic Friends shall be resolved exclusively by a Swedish court.

8.5 If you have any questions regarding Scandic Friends, please contact Scandic's reservation & customer service by phone:

Sweden: +46 8 517 517 00
Norway: +47 23 15 50 00
Denmark: +45 33 48 04 00
Finland: +358 200 81800 call charge: 0.65€/min + local rate/min)
Outside the Nordic region: +46 8 517 517 20 

See for email addresses and mailing addresses for Scandic reservation and customer service.


8.6 Scandic reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions by publishing new terms and conditions on or by email to the Member.

8.7 Scandic cannot be held liable for any typographical errors.  

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