How to spend

Points you earn can be used for a reward night, hotel extras on our web or with our partners. Reward nights can be booked entirely with points or points as partial payment. Why not surprise your family or friends with a reward night as a gift, or donate your points to charity.

book reward nights

Time to book a reward night at one of our hotels? You have two payment options, either to partially pay your night by combining points and money or to pay with points only.

1) Partial payment combining points and money

You can partially pay reward nights at a hotel from category 20,000 points and up. To see the rate and split between points and money you begin the booking process by choosing your hotel and tick the checkbox Reward Night. You will then see Available rates for points only or partial payment in points and money.

How many points are required per hotel to book a reward night?

2) Pay with points only

You can pay reward nights at a hotel entirely with points.

How many points are required per hotel to book a reward night?

book hotel extras

  • Add snacks, drinks, and tickets to your booking
    When you book on our web you can use your points to add hotel extras during your bookings such as snacks, beverages to your room upon arrival as well as tickets and admissions when available.

partner deals & offers

donate points

  • Donate points to Save the Children
    We've partnered with Save the Children to support their important work in creating better conditions for children around the world.