Control your finances with pre-payment

Our Corporate Cheques are a smart solution. If you don't stay at Scandic very often, they give you and your company special room rates for 10 nights at a time.

The benefits of your Corporate Cheques

  • They are digital and easy to use
  • You enjoy a great rate for a small investment
  • You can budget for your hotel costs at the start of the year
  • The cheques can be used by several people
  • You enjoy all your benefits and earn points as usual if you’re a Scandic Friends member
  • You get our breakfast buffet, wifi, gym access and all the other conveniences of staying at Scandic

Each cheque is valid for one overnight stay in a single room, including the breakfast buffet. A supplement is payable at certain hotels, but you will still enjoy a good deal. A book of 10 cheques costs SEK 14 200 including VAT. Please note, during certain periods of congresses or events, Corporate Cheques might not be valid.

How do I order Corporate Cheques?

Easy to order and pay by credit card. Then delivered to you in a separate email in pdf format.

Please note, Corporate Cheques can only be ordered by people living in our Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland). However, the Corporate Cheques can be used for all Scandic hotels. 

If you have a Bonus Cheque in paper format, click on "Book with Bonus cheque"
Your Bonus Cheque in paper format will be valid for stay until December 31st 2024. But the Bonus Cheque is no longer available for sale as of April 24th 2024. Our new product is called Corporate Cheque and is digital but with same terms and contitions as Bonus Cheque.