Add a touch of luxury to your stay.

A bottle of wine, some sweets, or admission to an amusement park? You can now add extras when you book a room at most of our hotels in Sweden, as well as selected hotels in Norway and Finland.

What would you like in your room when you arrive?

Once you’ve booked your stay, you’ll get the opportunity to add something extra to your visit on the confirmation page. It's also possible to do it through the confirmation email/text message by clicking the link 'View/cancel this booking' in the email or 'More info' in the text message. The extras that you order will be delivered to your room on the day of your arrival. Entrance tickets/wrist bands for an amusement park will be waiting for you at reception.

What can I buy?

We offer soft drinks, beer, wine, and snacks, as well as cheese and meat trays. Some products are available at all our Swedish hotels which offer extras, whilst others are only available at specific hotels. This may be a drink unique to the area, or entrance tickets to a local amusement park.

How do I pay?

You pay for your extra when you pay for your reservation. You can also choose to pay with any points earned. You must be logged in when you start your reservation if you wish to pay using points earned. You’ll then also see how many points you have to spend.

Most of our hotels in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland offer to add extras to your booking. You can buy extras on FLEX bookings. For SAVE bookings you can pay your extras with points if you are logged in as a Scandic Friends member when you book. The points are withdrawn upon transaction. Therefore it's important to have enough points saved on your account balance to be able to buy extras.