Add something extra to the room

Arriving late and want to make sure you got snacks in the room or are you celebrating something and want to make you stay even more special?

Make your stay even more special

Hotel extras are available when booking one of our site or in our app. As a member of Scandic Friends, you can also choose to pay with points when booking any of our rates. Make sure to be logged in when making your reservation to be able to pay with points.

How do I add extras to my stay?

Once you’ve booked your stay, you’ll get the opportunity to add extras to your stay. You can do it either on:

  • The confirmation page
  • Via the confirmation email by clicking the link 'View/cancel this booking'
  • The SMS text message by clicking the link More info
  • By clicking View/cancel this booking directly on the website

The extras that you order will be delivered to your room on the day of your arrival. Entrance tickets/wristbands for an amusement park or similar will be waiting for you at reception.

Note! You can add extras until 23:59 o’clock the day before arrival.

What can I buy?

The offer at our hotel may differ, but you will most likely find different kind of beverages, such as wine, beer and sodas, as well as sweets and snacks. Perfect when you're arriving late or when you're celebrating. 

How do I pay?

You pay for your extra when you pay for your reservation. You can also choose to pay with your Scandic Friends points. To pay with points you must be logged in when you start your reservation. You’ll then also see how many points you have to spend.

The extras are available for all our rate types when booking on our web or app. Our Scandic Friends members also have the possibility to add extras to their stay when booking a Best price or Free rebooking rate if paying with points. The points are withdrawn upon transaction.