Creative playrooms

The playrooms at our hotels are creative and inspiring little oases for children of all ages. Our playrooms offer facilities for play through games, craft and drawing.

Play at Scandic

During summer and selected holiday periods, some hotels have a play area with toys and crafts as well as a kid’s menu in the restaurant. Check the hotel’s webpage to see what they offer, this can vary.

Our extra family friendly hotels focus more on children and are a bit extra playful, but activities and possibilities can vary.


The toys we have chosen are all high quality, and robust enough to be played with time and time again without breaking or losing their shape.


If the hotel offer a playroom or a play area, they are in most cases located right next to the restaurant or reception for better supervision.


The playroom or a play area is maintained and tidied on a daily basis.


Safety is always very important, especially when it comes to children and their activities. That is why we are especially careful when choosing materials and suppliers of our children's products:

  • no small parts that can come off
  • the playrooms must have good lighting and ventilation
  • only child-friendly and eco-friendly pens and crayons
  • screens and TV sets are secured so they can't tip over.