Safety - a matter of being prepared

At Scandic, we have safety at heart. We are prepared if an emergency occurs and all our hotels have a defibrillator. Among our team members at the hotels, there is at least one person who is trained in heart and lung resuscitation (CPR). Escape routes and fire equipment are checked on a daily basis and our teams are trained continuously.

Being prepared is being safe

'No guest or team member's safety must be put at risk.' Scandic's safety & security policy

Our hotels should be a safe and secure place to stay and to meet. It’s all about being prepared and knowing how to react in an emergency situation. We strive to make our environment relaxed and secure. To always think of security as a natural part of our everyday life is something that doesn’t necessarily show. But when a situation comes up you can feel safe in knowing that we will take good care of our guests.

  • Every day, we check the evacuation routes and that the fire equipment works properly.
  • In addition to what the law requires, we have a comprehensive safety and security checklist that all team members are familiar with and take responsibility for.
  • There is always at least one team member at the hotel trained in heart and lung resuscitation (CPR).
  • At all our hotels we have a defibrillator available and team members who can manage it.
  • Everyone who works at the hotel takes part in practical fire and evacuation drills at least twice a year.
  • Each hotel has its own crisis group and they train biannually in conceptual training.
  • All our team members are trained in safety on an ongoing basis and we have a broad and thorough safety induction. Which for instance includes E-learning within fire alarm, evacuation, threats, first aid, and crisis training
  • We remain alert and use common sense to keep an eye out for things that seem out of place.