Sleep better with less impact

Did you know that just turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save up to 25 liters of water per guest and day? 

A bright idea from a little boy who wanted to make a change for the climate.

Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth. A simple idea but easy to realise in your everyday life. To find out if this idea was effective enough to make an impact on energy and water savings, we selected three hotels in Norway to begin with, Scandic Karl Johan, Scandic Grensen and Scandic St Olavs Plass. We rolled out the idea where our guests could see the idea on stickers in their bathrooms saying "Turn off the tap for the sake of the planet" and on several places around the hotels.

The result? Success!

This simple and smart idea made an impact on the result and raised awareness among our guests who gave positive feedback, saying "It's effective" and "Reminds me to use water wisely everywhere!".

We have a possibility to save up to 25 liters of water per guest and day, that's almost 10,000 liters per year, equivalent to 62 bathtubs. This means that we have the possibility to save up to 4 million bath tubs each year when we roll out the initiative in our six countries. So let's be both resource and climate smart, together we can make a difference.

About Sleep and sustainability at Scandic

We offer our guests the most sustainable room experience by using less chemicals, and sustainable materials. Encourage circularity, by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials.