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unforgettable experiences at LEGOLAND® 

Unleash your imagination and explore LEGOLAND®, where you’ll find adventures for kids and the young at heart. We have hotels close by where you can relax after a fantastic day with your family:

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LEGOLAND® - fantastic experiences

Building adventures await both young and old with 8 incredible building attractions, where you can build your own piece of art using both DUPLO® bricks for tiny fingers and LEGO® bricks for older children and enthusiastic adults.

Meet the whole world at LEGOLAND®: Look to the sky and experience five of the world's tallest buildings at WORLD'S TALLEST in Miniland. More than 830,000 LEGO®bricks have been transformed into replicas of five of the world’s tallest buildings; Burj Khalifa, Shanghai Tower, Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, One World Trade Center and Taipei 101. The Eiffel Tower and our very own, 24-cm LEGOTOP® are caught up in delusions of grandeur and have snuck in too. Enjoy the sky-high, full-tilt ‘wow’ experience of these models, built to a scale of 1:150.

The experiences in LEGOLAND are not scaled down: Emmet's Flying Adventure takes the whole family into THE LEGO® MOVIE™ or battle the DUPLO® invasion in the interactive Apocalypseburg Sky Battle ride. Experience the ultimate LEGO® NINJAGO® thrills at the interactive LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride where you have to master the elements fire, lightning, earth and ice in 3D. Without their help the ninjas cannot battle The Great Devourer. Dare to enter the hair-raising spookiness of Ghost – The Haunted House, and discover the thrilling free fall in the Polar X-plorer. Explore many small adventures from all over the world in Miniland. From 36 metres above the ground in LEGOTOP® you get an overview of the 65 million LEGO® bricks.

LEGO® House

Have you visited LEGO® House? A house of adventure in the hometown of LEGO® bricks Billund. When you’re here, you can play with no fewer than 25 million LEGO® bricks!
Building doesn’t stop in the MINI CHEF restaurant either. You build your own menu from 4 LEGO® bricks, scan it at the table - and then let the minifigure chefs in the kitchen do the rest to prepare your food. 
Look forward to a wealth of activities with the world's favourite building bricks. Please note that tickets to LEGOLAND® do not include admission to LEGO® House. You can buy tickets to LEGO® House on the LEGO® House website.  

LEGO House